Become A Better Blogger - How To Keep Learning and Growing Your Business

Published: Mon, 05/11/15

You need to keep learning. The business of social media continues to change and to stay on top, it’s important to invest in good training courses.

Yes, you can get tons of information for free. In fact, I highly recommend signing up on various email lists from influencers as you’ll learn lots for free.

But, there’s power in signing up for actual courses where you go beyond what you can find out for free. Also, by committing to pay a certain amount of money, you’ll be more likely to go through the course material and actually take action.

Janice and I have taken many courses throughout our decade online and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

This isn’t a call to get you to sign up for a particular course... it’s just on my mind as I signed up and am starting the Pinning Perfect course at BlogClarity tomorrow. I already know a lot about Pinterest, and both my virtual assistant and my editor have taken the course. But there’s still more I can learn. So I invested the $79 to take the course myself.

(I believe signup has ended for this session, but it’ll run again in the fall.) 

There are so many awesome training resources available, and over time I will share a few of my favorites with you.

For now, I just wanted to remind you that when you invest in yourself and your business, you will see radical growth.