Wow, it was crazy busy (but in a good way)… [Become A Better Blogger]

Published: Tue, 01/05/16

Oh my goodness... November and December sure were busy months for bloggers.

Sponsored campaigns were coming in from all directions and it was almost impossible to keep up.

It wasn't just us... many of my blogging friends said they were getting way more sponsored campaigns during the final months of 2015 than usual.

To keep my head above water (and still have a few minutes to prepare my own family's Christmas), I had to focus entirely on writing blog posts and keeping up with social shares.

So I paused this email series and I also didn't spend time on Periscope.

Now we're into January and we have a bit of time to catch our breath before business heats up again.

I'm excited to get more processes in place and be able to resume other tasks such as emailing you all and Periscoping again. Plus, I'll be working hard to get more non-sponsored content prepared and waiting in the queue.

This is a busy business and I know I'll feel swamped again in a few days.

But I've chosen a new word to focus on this year that should help...

Check it out and let me know if you have a "word" for the year.

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