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Published: Sun, 01/13/13

| oOo ==> WP Social Zon! 
| WHY:  Got it to work and the POTENTIAL....WOOT!
| Let me tell you how....

Hi there,

It's Sunday evenin' and how the
heck did it treat you?  Me, I'm taught
Honorable Boy II more math (Honorable
Boy I decided to print out 2 variable algebra
and teach himself instead, go figure) plus
got a bit more done on my site before yet
Mind.  Went, as Honorable Boy II would say, 
and I quote, "Sad Foot".  
What is Sad Foot?  That's what he calls Moose
Minor when MM is guarding the floor, 
So yep, again I lost the ability to concentrate,
so I just took it easy.  And how was your
Sunday?  Would love to hear!
Got lots to share but first!
3 Grumpy Cat Moon Shirt!
And onto today!
I *finally* got WP Social Zon working...to wit!
Okay, this will be a wee bit of a lengthy email,
but do stay with me!
I bought:
| oOo ==> Automatically sends your posts to DOC sharing sites too!
| http://awpt.co/NYmtS?e=
And the potential here is, well, insane.
Look here:
See, you create once the logins for all the
and then every time you post content,
BAM! it gets sent to those doc sharing sites.
With me still?
Okay, next:  Lookie at my new Baby Gear Niche
site over at
Click on, oh, say,
Now...think of THAT post....auto created into pdf...
and autosent to more than a dozen sites...
With all the social sharing enabled....
And, well....yep.
| oOo ==> We're talking autopilot....
Now....here's what *I* am currently doing.
This plugin can be used with NON amazon
content too!
And if you're already set with Amazon autobloggers,
The OTO is a grand amazon research tool but
decline it first - the next option will take off $10.  :) 
I myself am using:

Now.... *think*.
If *you* take the time to structure out
your site...and include something like:
| oOo ==> WP Social Zon! 
| http://awpt.co/NYmtS?e=
Next, want a nifty way to monetize Tumblr
and Instagram?
Brief, pithy and to the point (and ignore
the face the sales page is short: the content
of the product is solid indeed!)

Want a VERY powerful way to monetize Instagram
with.... TUMBLR?
If so:
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This shows you:
* The FREE software to download so you dont even HAVE to be on your phone
* How to choose the right products to promote and how to set up your promotion

* How to choose the right pictures for your promotion and how to add promotional graphics

* How to maximise traffic and promote interest in your campaign
So if you'd like a nifty way to create another revenue
| oOo ==> Mobile (and pics!) are huge - take advantage!
| http://askbling.com/instagrami
And Story Time!
Did you know that the first known photograph
was taken in 1825?
Can you imagine how Facebook would have
been then?   Lithographs first being carved and
then run all over the country by the Pony Express!
Today in 2013, of course, Facebook makes it 'way
easier to share photos!  But...how can you then
profit it?
| oOo ==> Dr Ben Adkins Zero Cost FB Webinar!
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Now I've been playing with Facebook
pages now for several months but I always
come back to what Dr. Ben advocates:

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Basically, he *engages* the audience (plus,
he has a cool tool that automates the process too!)
Tomorrow, Dr. Ben will show *you* the secrets he's using on FB to:
  • 1) Get an explosion of niche traffic  (niche traffic you can monetize!)

  • 2) Get People to Share his message and money site.

  • 3) Build a Monster List and Grow Virally (using a special software)

  • 4) Monetize Your Efforts (Make Money from tricks he teaches you!)

Sounds grand for me!  So if you're into FBing' all the time....
grab your seat over at:
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Don't forget yesterdays:
Have you ever heard of the one problem, one solution
way of tackling infoproducts, ie....short reports?
I'm living proof it works - my products USED to
be huge 100+ page pdfs that did taught bunches
of stuff.....and really, just didn't sell.
See, today...quite often, people want quick, people want simple,
people want easy to implement.
Which is why I was so pleased to see Dennis Becker
made this ONLY $5 for this weekend:
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* how to create a MUST READ, *great* title for your short report

* how to easily create those short reports to sell to them (or give to them if you prefer) using a simple 5-step method

Dennis walks the walk he talks...so.....
yep.  And at this kind of savings....woot!
So if learning from those who actually DO it appeals
to you...
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And PLR?
One of the best ways to profit online...is to service
an evergreen  (read: never goes out of style!) nice
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It even shows you:

* Time Management eBook PLR

* ALL the graphics

* Minisites!

* Tweets!

* Autoresponder series!


So if Super High Quality PLR does it for you:
| oOo ==> All done FOR YOU!
That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to touch base bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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