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Published: Mon, 01/21/13

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Good morning!
Gotta love messing up.  I screwed up with
my emails and sent off email to a list that I
didn't intend...WAH!  Caught it, though, and
then sent an apology and gift.   Still in learning
mode I am....sigh.
Today HS2 (the kid who flung the wolf at
me in the video for the GOLD BYTE at
) enters the double digits!
Obviously...I'm doing a whole lot better today
than when he was born (my 4th C-section that
was, ah...memories!).  
(and speaking of BYTE,  I added the video experience
of one of my customers over at
scroll to the testimonials....COOL STUFF!  He
generated a Tumblr sale less than 2 hours
after posting.    :)
We're going to take him and friends to Medieval
Times sometime next month, after I can walk better.
Speaking of walking, even though I still DO have the
cast on, I *can* put full weight on my ankle...yay!
Got great news here - over 250 sales of 
Begin Your Tumblr Empire (yay!).  I'm finishing
up my next installment (how to automate your
Tumblr money-posts) and will keep y'all updated.
In other news, expect an update from me
regarding a nifty traffic generating goodie.....
that should show up at 11am if you're on my
main list (drop me a line if you don't get it
and want it, thanks!).
Got lots to share but first:
==> Kids Today
WAH but true, aye?  :)
And onto today!
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Don't forget yesterdays:
Okay this is SWEET.  Can you BELIEVE these domains
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Plus Clickbank!  Can't forget about Clickbank!
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I remember Joe Vitale back in the early 2000s
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To wit:
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Funny thing - yesterday I was given an opportunity
to review an Amazon plugin by Ian, and an expired
domain searcher plugin by Gene:
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I am REALLY interested in the above.... implemented right,
it could be used in all sorts of curation sites (AND...get this -
I found the domains "fbpets.com" AND "fbdogs.com" wee available
from using it!  Yep, bought 'em, registered 'em and yep.....will
be putting good stuff on 'em!).   Will keep you posted...
Plus mobile!
THIS was recently released... and THIS has changed...
Lookie here!
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In essence:
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That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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