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Published: Sun, 01/27/13

| oOo ==> Video Test Labs (NICE)
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It's Sunday evenin' and how the heck did
Sunday treat you?

Me as planned, well not quite, I kinda sorta
DID crash and burn but you know something?
I earned it!  :)  So I took off the afternoon to
decompress and enjoy life a bit - I'm sure
I'll be operating at 100% capacity tomorrow!
That's so important btw - make sure you always
treat *yourself* well.   If you go non-optimal,
that's your business there....so always take good
care of yourself.  That's an order!  :)

Got lots to share but first!
==> Not sure if I should cry

And onto today!
Want the definitive video learning guild?

If so:
Brief pithy and to the point.

Want to put video to work for you?

I mean REALLY work for you?

If so:
| oOo ==> This goes 'way beyond mere marketing

This shows you EVERYTHING from

What to use - your camera?  Your phone?  

What gives you the best sound?

How do you sync clips?



| oOo ==> HUGE number of tutorials!
Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Player

Screencast Video Creation

White board Feature

Camera Tutorials

Screencast Platforms

Green Screen


So if you want video demystified for you...

| oOo ==> All pulled together...in one easy to understand way
And did you see:

Here's another goodie that gives you a VERY
proactive way to crush it with video marketing
and affiliate promos....BEFORE they even 
go live!

Want a creative twist in getting your affiliate marketing videos
back to #1?

If so:

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What I love about this (I mean, really really 
REALLY love about this) is:

I've done a similar technique myself when I
was promoting Dr. Ben Adkin's "Offline Social
Pilot"...and it showed up as the number one video
for *days* prior to the launch.


And get this:

| oOo ==> OTO offers additional video training AND...
| http://awpt.co/BatL3?e=
Don't forget this mornings:
My launch yesterday:

| oOo ==> Tumblr Crusher
| http://barbaraling.com/shows/tc/

now has over 260 front end sales and  a
HUGE conversion on the gold package (like
I said, I love overdelivering!).   And yes,
I've been asked so yes, the stories on
BOTH sales pages are true - Honorable
Daughter 1 was the speaker for the beginners
Tumblr, and I really did go through the
story I related in TC.  Using it MASSIVELY
now - http://barbling.tumblr.com/
is just one of my automated feeds (that
one is simply my FB PERSONAL profile).
Going to look for more social-oriented Tumblr
themes today!
And did you see:
This was released and if you're into software that
does it for you....you're going to love this!   I love
the products Bertus releases - they're always well-tested,
packed with quality and does what it says (which is why
I'm thrilled to tell you about this!)
AutoPinterZon is a power Windows desktop application

  • Automatically search for related products on Amazon

  • Grabs the products and posts them to your blogs (complete with images, descriptions, price etc.)

  • Then it pins these images to your Pinterest boards, linking them to the post on your blog.

It also builds Pinterest boards on autopilot and populates
them with related pins, ALL linking to your URL.

Not only that....You can both scrape existing boards or
popular categories - and, you can multiple boards in one run.

| oOo ==> Software that autopins your affiliate link for you!
What's cool about this is its a truly safe way to get
traffic to your Amazon sites via Pinterest.  And you
don't have to worry about direct affiliate linking, as
the Pinterest links....go straight to your *site* and not
your affiliate offer.
So, if you'd like to tap into the Pinterest traffic
and power....
| oOo ==> Done for you affiliate goodness!
Don't forget yesterdays:

Plus PLR!
If you've been on my list for awhile...you might have
noticed I have a wee bit of an appreciation for coffee
(kinda like the Avengers have a wee bit of an appreciation
for saving the planet!).
I'm not the only one, mind you - this is an 11 BILLION
dollar niche!!
And if you're into niche marketing/PLR/videos/etc., lookie here!
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This contains:
* 100s of exact name matches
* 50 High Def Amazon Affiliate videos (all products OVER $100)
* 372 Coffee PLR Articles you can spin/blog/etc.
* 2 Coffee eBooks PLR!
* Headers!
* Footers!
So if you want a headstart in crushing
the Coffee niche:
| oOo ==> Done for you EVERYTHING in luxury coffee!
I'm always thrilled whenever Ms. Motivation releases her
offline PLR packs...and this is no different!
If so:
| oOo ==> NEWBIE Friendly and attention getting!
| http://awpt.co/6tHXO?e=

Oh you'll LOVE This.  The video has been
customized for 5 hugely popular niches:
* Dentists
* Real Estate Agents
Each video has 2 different call to action endings...
so you get 10!
Not only that though - you'll also get:
* PLR Lead Gen Report - Top 5 Reasons Your Business NEEDS
a mobile friendly site
* Complete Instant Mobile Website List Building Funnel
So if Done For You Offline PLR flaps YOUR earlobes:
| oOo ==> She's saved you the time by doing it for you!
| http://awpt.co/6tHXO?e=
And did you hear about this geotargeting plugin?
Big companies.
What do THEY do that you .... don't?
One thing is simple - they welcome their visitors
by popping in their visitors town or state!!
Ever wonder how you could grab the same power...
| oOo ==> WP Bullseye
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Big companies.
It increases conversions....HUGE.
And the best part is:
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That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to check in with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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