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Published: Tue, 01/29/13

| oOo ==> Social Press (very cool!)
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Good morning!
Yes it IS Tuesday morning!  I'm sitting here
wrapped up in my fluffy blue housecoat here
in the wilds of NJ - the mooses are curled
up in massive donut-moose format, and alas...
Freedom has been banned.
My ankle is back in the boot.  Ah well, tonight
I shall free it once more!  :)  
How is Tuesday looking for you?  Me, Im
trying to teach myself CPC and CPT and CPR
and CPZ and all the other 22 possible
letters (read: I'm learning about FB marketing)
and....yep.   Character-building it is.  However,
this afternoon I'm seeing a good friend, yay!
I do hope said friend realizes her success
is dependent upon HER solely (aka not me)....
we'll see.
Today, expect some headsup from me regarding
blogging, WP and other delights.  Whee!

Got lots to share but first!
==> It's All About Courage.
VERY important reading - I think you'll like it!

And onto today!
This is VERY cool.
Ever want to build your social following INSTEAD of
building your list?
If so:
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This plugin gives you a beautiful call to action
that encourages people to follow you online....
perfect for those who want to build their reach
and authority!  Nice!
And did you see:
I got my hands on this earlier
And while it's still in design mode, lookie here!
Yes, this is MY site:
Baby Gift Bargains!
I chose the baby niche because I have a 
Baby PLR list and figured...let's start to
create  some long-term thingees with it!
I'm using the Amazon Associate Goliath Plugin
to populate it (I now have a years content
scheduled and ready to rock!):
==> Amazon Associate Goliath Plugin
The optin comes from Hybrid Connect
but you don't need that - you can add
free optins from aWeber or GetResponse!
But think about it - the theme plus the plugin
and BAM!  
INSTANT autoupdating site!
What's NOT to like?
So if you'd like to monetize your niche with
a long-term passive plan:
| oOo ==> 90 Day Amazon Cookies!
Don't forget yesterdays:
Brief, pithy and to the point!  I'm always thrilled
whenever Bertus releases his PLR packs - they 
define 'overdelivery' in a massive way indeed.

| oOo ==> Viral Traffic Secrets Blueprint (includes PLR!)
You probably know that selling your OWN product for 100%
profits is one of the best ways to make BIG money online...
Problem is - its DIFFICULT, expensive and takes a LOT of time
and skill to create a HOT converting product, with sales pages
for it.    (I sure know that from my own experience...)
How would you like to get an INSTANT done-for-you product,
with complete sales material and promotion tools included?
That means when you sell it...you keep 100% of the profits.

If so:
| oOo ==> Check out this MASSIVE sales funnel in a box with PLR

Again, this is HUGE - we're talking over 9 modules
that include:

*  eCourse

*  Complete Sales Page, Done For You!

* Thank you Download Page

* Short Report

* Squeeze Page

* Followup Autoresponders!

* Mindmap!

And did you see this (it's closing!):
Special headsup folk - I missed alerting
you to this over the weekend and it's closing
| oOo ==> Local Consults Mastery
This free training covers 11 types of special
services like 'vendor management'....you
know, where  you get paid bigtime for
local businesses needs?
| oOo ==> Local Consults Mastery
| http://askbling.com/jfgoodie
What's that?
CPA you would love instead?
Well then!

Intrigued by how some key people can make
a killing from it?
Want to learn from someone who has been
doing it now for years?
If so:
| oOo ==> 8 Huge Modules with 8 Bonuses!

To wit - this covers:
  • PPC

  • media buys

  • email

  • domain traffic

  • MORE!
"It can be used for anything and not just CPA offers. It can be used for affiliate products or even yoru own products or services. The course just teaches you how to get massive amounts of targeted traffic. "
So if you're looking for  fully comprehensive way
of pumping it up with CPA:
| oOo ==> EAch module has Video, audio AND PDF!
Have you been noticing the trends of cartoons
in products, posts, blogs and more?
Aren't they neat?  Cartoons can really
*connect* with an audience....but the thing
is, most expensive indeed they can be.
Which is why this is pretty nifty!
Ever want to use cartoons and avatars to
showcase your style....but didn't want to
pay an arm and an earlobe?
If so:
| oOo ==> Professional Classy Cartoon Women!
| oOo ==> Professional Classy Cartoon Men!
| http://askbling.com/mena
be grand (they're 2 separate offers).  I LOVE
the fact the PSD and layers are included...
as are accessories, styles, aging, and much
much more!
People have a gut reaction to cartoons -
they put them in a very receptive buying
mood indeed!
So if you're looking for a classy way to
add punch to your goodness:
| oOo ==> Professional Classy Cartoon Women!
| oOo ==> Professional Classy Cartoon Men!
| http://askbling.com/mena2
That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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