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Published: Mon, 02/04/13

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Shows you the definitive way to *prove*

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Good morning!
It's now Monday morning and time to
buckle down and get things moving!
I had a very relaxing yesterday (and sooo
need it) and so now also realize:
I love teaching marketing
I love implementing marketing!
What about you?
The products you've bought and the knowledge
you've gained....have you applied it to your
own business?
Dennis Becker's report over at:
| oOo ==>  Generate TRUST with your list
is definitely something that is applicable
here - the more you can connect with your
community, the more your business, well,
It's something to think on.
And today, expect some grand headsup from
me about FB and SEO - really interest goodies
are on the horizon.

Got lots to share but first!

==> Ship Coming In?
My latest Dr. Ben viral pix - like the yacht?  :)
And onto today!
You know how visitors come to your site
from search engines...and how sometimes, 
those Search engines send them to generic
pages on your site?
Would you like to split test what page converts
If so, lookie here!
==> Customer Satisfaction
This is a WP plugin that allows you to direct
visitors from search engines to the page of
your choice (instead of something general). 
You can use it for split-testing too!
And did you see:
Want to learn video marketing from the master?

| oOo ==> Be sure to dive onto page 4 first!
He even covers Powerpoint like so:

"...All the PowerPoint slides you create for your marketing videos should be submitted to these four sites.

One of these sites, for example generated 589,012 visitors for "how to solve a rubix cube." Another 6-slide PowerPoint presentation generated 47,000+ views for this one site!

This is leverage at its finest.

You already have the PowerPoint file you created for your video. Just take the extra minute to submit it to these four sites and don't be surprised when you start getting traffic for that one minute of effort...."

| oOo ==> Not just powerpoint, ALSO:
Don't forget yesterdays:
ALERT!   Dennis Becker, he of Earn1KaDay
fame (aka the man who runs that popular forum,
scheduled a weekend event for it in Vegas,etc), 
is having a DIMESALE ON:
| oOo ==>  Generate TRUST with your list
If you're on Dennis' list, you *know* the
man writes like angels since - so compelling!

What is SOO great about this is he walks the walk
he talks - he's writing from *years* of experience
in bunches of 'way different niches!

Here's why - look at his philosophy!

"....For me, my email list is one of my 3 essential business assets. No, I don't think of an email subscriber as a piece of furniture or a dollar bill, but I do think of them as a valued business partner in some cases, people that I can share my best ideas with, and associates that I consider friends.
Friends that I feel honored to be invited into their inbox, as much so as if I was invited to their barbeque, or into their home.
Would you like that feeling?
Even better, I get a rush when one of my followers replies to one of my emails and tells me that I've inspired him, or made her day, or changed their life, or gave them hope....."
Truly, he's one of the best in the business
to follow - I do so myself.
| oOo ==>  The SECRET to standing out
And PLR?
Can't believed I missed the following
with my All You Can Eat PLR:
The fitness niche is ALWAYS evergreen....
want to utterly dominate this niche with
done-for-you goodness?

Can you even *begin* to imagine how much is spent
on fitness and health for the New Years Resolution
Well then  if you're into niche marketing/PLR/videos/etc., lookie here!
| oOo ==> Hundreds of fitness equipment exact match...
This contains:
* 100s of exact name matches
* 50 High Def Amazon Affiliate Fitness Equipments videos (all products OVER $100)
* 250+ Holiday PLR Articles you can spin/blog/etc.
* 4 Fitness eBooks PLR!
* Headers!
* Footers!
* Automatic blog posting plugin!
So if you want a headstart in crushing
it for 2013:
| oOo ==> Done for you EVERYTHING for 2012 Fitness!!
And speakling about FB (okay I'm
speaking about it now), lookie here!

This was closed and just reopened for 7 days.
I just bought it myself:

| oOo ==> Perfect for Online, Offline, Local, etc!

I just bought this myself - I will be embedding
all my Amazon stores in all the FB pages I'll
be making and WOW!

Imagine this for:

*Affiliate marketers* - you can put your entire suite
of products available in your Facebook Fanpage

*Offline marketers* - you can embed your clients'
Facebook site into their FB Fan page too!

*Kindle publisher* - you can embed all your Kindle
books from your site in it!

*List Builders* - you can embed your freebies/optins

REALLY nice indeed.

So if you want to get in on the benefits
FB marketing can deliver to you:

| oOo ==> Super Easy.  Super Fast.  NO OTO!
Don't forget this mornings: 

This is increasing tonight!

So your offline clients are in the most
boring niche imaginable.  

Maybe they're a law firm.

Or perhaps they're a pet doctor.

Maybe their fanpage focuses on
bone surgery.

How on EARTH can you get them
rabid die-hard fans?

By taking this secret tactic:
| oOo ==> Pull In Fans By Focusing on THIS!

And if you're serious about showcasing your
ability to build/monetize/control local town/community/
business pages, you WANT to get this.
Why?  Well, *his* real life business (chiropracting)
is one of those 'boring' businesses that he showcases...
and yet he's managed to use FB to create such a local
buzz about it and his community......
I have been Dr. Ben's student now since January of 
2012 and let me tell you - the man walks the walk
he talks.  Bigtime, hugetime....WOW.
No fluff, pure simple actionable steps that 
you can get started with in:
| oOo ==>Under >1< Hour.

And did you see:

By now, you've probably heard about
Dr. Ben's Offline Gravity Method over at
Ever wish you could learn to create products
like he does?  
Ever wish  you knew the key 2 week JV/affiliate
Ever wish you had tons of mind maps, videos
and more that will flatten your learning curve?
And the:
| oOo ==> Webinars he runs for Syndicate members....
Utterly brilliant.
I've been in the Syndicate now since Jan of 2012,
and moved to Level II, his $497/month offer
(now closed) in May, and haven't looked back
Can't recommend it enough:
| oOo ==> Webinars he runs for Syndicate members....

That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to touch base with you this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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