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Published: Tue, 02/19/13

| oOo ==> Pattern Interrupt Banner Crush!

Software tailor-made for high-click

| banner creation with HUGE accessories - read on!


It's .... I think.... wait...yes!

It's Tuesday evening and life was
peachy (peachy I say!) until my ankle
decided to randomly try to leave 
my body.  

Good news is my doctors appointment
is scheduled for next week (yay!) but
bad news is, well, I'm in quite a lot of
pain right now so I'm calling it a night.

How did Tuesday treat you?  Grand
I hope!  Tomorrow will be Wednesday
and that will be half the week over...YAY!
Got lots more to share but first...
Piloting Starships!
Beautiful words!
And onto today!

QUICK!  What does this make you think?

Doesn't the mental image really....
intrigue you?
Wouldn't it be grand if you could generate
the same curiosity and high clickthru rates
of, say, *image banners* you create? 
| oOo ==> over 70 templates *tuned* for CTR!
It's very simple:
Do you know when you strategically use banners and 
buy spots via sites like Buysellads or Adengage you can 
achieve GORGEOUS CPC for your paid ads?

And bloggers in your niche!!
Heck there are tons of possibilities to even approach 
bloggers who don't even know that they can make
additional income by putting up
your banner.

Now, it's easier than you think to buy spots from these sources... 

*Making* those  attention grabbing and high
converting banners.
Until now.
| oOo ==> Even includes a FB Module!

Next, this surprised me and I bought it!

This....surprised me bigtime.
| oOo ==> No squeeze page required at all!
Especially page 19 where it shows, in black
and white, all about companies selling your
This offer works best with CPA and high
affiliate products....but wow!
SUPER eye-opening to me.
| oOo ==> Makes perfect sense when you think about it....
It's very simple:
1.)  Give the autoresponder company a small text ad that
attracts the subscribers YOU want
2.)  That ad gets placed for OTHER customer subscribers
to see
3.)   When customers opt in or opt out or change
subscriptions settings,  they're served these ads
*which puts them on YOUR campaign.
So if a covert SMART way of  building a responsive
list interests you: 

| oOo ==> Examples of followups included, NO OTO!
What's that?  Offline you want?

Well then!

Like offline marketing but hate
cold calling?
If so, lookie here!
| oOo ==> Total ==> 16 videos for both male/female and...
Video marketing that *engages*...
and *entrances*...
is definitely a grand way to
make the connection with new clients....
and this package gives you a total of
*16* videos, the system developed,
the templates and more!
The OTOs are rather nifty too -

* Core Strategy And Copy-Paste Campaign + Case Study

This is a 'core strategy' training which shows 
one of the their client generating processes.
*In depth!*
They provide the specific copy-paste campaign that has 
resulted in over $129k in revenue in 3 months for 
one of their students + full no-holds barred case study 
showing every step of the way what was done to 
create $129k + a $19k/month business.

And then there's: The 'Hidden Sources' Handbook

This is the insider handbook that provides all the specific 
outsourcing locations and gigs where they outsource 
Thus, if you don't know what services to provide/how 
to provide those services or plain don't want to 
provide these services yourself, just use the 
Handbook to outsource EVERYTHING. 

They spent over $54,000 in outsourcing and that
Handbook is the compilation of only the best service providers
specific tips and tricks they  learned.
| oOo ==> Automated Client Engine
Don't forget this mornings:

Have you ever wanted to cut to the chase
and treat yourself with the gold-label
marketing tools that produce the kinds
of sales pages the pro showcase these days?
You know what I mean, right?
Gorgeous  graphics.
Vivid text.
Eye-catching design
3d bullets
Those little extras that when considered together....
If so, look here.
| oOo ==> No webpage design skills necessary
| http://askbling.com/instabuilder
If you're serious about the bigleagues, you'll
love what you see....
* Buy buttons that pop up during *specific* times
in videos.
* Viral download locks (content is locked until page
is liked or tweeted)
* Power optin
So if you're ready to get definable marketing,
well, *power*:
| oOo ==> Even includes true builtin scarity
| http://askbling.com/instabuilder
And this got WSOTD: 
If you have one, take a GOOD look at your
smart phone.
Notice anything unique...like...the icons
that are your fav apps to use?
For  me, it's Facebook and Browser (yes,
I'm a modern person indeed!)...which leaves
TONS more space for other apps to reside.
And I'll bet...I'm not the only person whose
phone is like this!
Now.  What if you could make mobile apps
out of your WP site or your Static HTML site?
Would that' be cool beyond absolutely zero...
if you could get YOUR app on customers'
mobile phones?
You can.
 | oOo ==> Location location location!
| http://awpt.co/4j3VM?e=
This is a software that makes
creating mobile apps from your
sites....easy in under a minute!
The sales page shows in detail
how it's accomplished...so cool.
And the cool thing is...
There's ALSO a standalone site
creator for static HTML sites too!

Very cool.
So if mobile apping HTML sites and WP
sites appeals to you...
| oOo ==> Smart.  Easy.  Powerful.
| http://askbling.com/instapopa3
Don't forget yesterdays:
What's that?  You want Pinterest?
Well then!
Brief, pithy and to the point - want a revised
Pinterest guide that shows you the added
business options as well?
This just went live:
| oOo ==> PinterMunch!
| http://awpt.co/mBATT?e=
It's a crash course for driving
traffic WHILE benefiting from Amazon if you
choose as well!
I reviewed the product - what I really like is
how the author links out to truly superb, free
tools that automate lots of pinterest actions
plus give you the edge in building up your
Pinterest following too.  NICE!
You'll see from opening the file that this
course is *different* - not only is the
content stellar, but the way its formatted,
it really compels you to keep reading
and learning.  Excellent job by Amilie!
So if you'd like a fresh look at Pinterest for 2013....

| oOo ==> OTO includes over-the-shoulder training!
| http://awpt.co/mBATT?e=
Looking for a complete done-for-you sales
funnel (complete with PLR)?
If so, lookie here!
| oOo ==> Viral Traffic Secrets Blueprint (includes PLR!)
This is HUGE - we're talking over 9 modules
that include:

*  eCourse

*  Complete Sales Page, Done For You!

* Thank you Download Page

* Short Report

* Squeeze Page

* Followup Autoresponders!

* Mindmap!

That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to check in with you bright and early
with whatever wootness crosses my desk!
Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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