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Published: Sat, 03/09/13

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Barbara Ling here, and oh wow....what a day.
Not just because of my launch:

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But also because of what I was forced to face.
And you know what that was?
It's that no matter WHAT level you are...
you can always learn something new and wonderful
And here's now MY story which I've
never told before.
Did you know that when I encounter problems
with my business, sure, I'll always attack them
headon, but sometimes....
They're SOO frustrating, I end up crying because
of them?
I think whenever you're meant to move to
the next level, you HAVE to go through this
particular kind of 'rebirth'.   Your frustrations
and anger burn you up until only embers
are left...but out of those embers, you find
you phoenix to the next level.
Dr. Ben Adkins told me something really powerful -
it's just like when you're building muscle.  You
tear what you have and destroy it down...the
muscle repairs itself and you end up stronger
than ever.
And that's truly what happened to me today.
So grateful to the Universe for this kind
of learning!
Now, I normally *never* share these kinds
of weaknesses on my list, but hey.
I'm NOT ashamed of them....I choose
to learn from them instead!
What do you think?  I'd love to hear!
And onto today!
Did you hear about my other secret?
Sometimes....secrets are meant NEVER to be
And other times, you realize....some just are
too precious to keep to themselves.
Building up a successful income online...that's
something that serious people like you should
always have available.
For me, alas, it was truly trial and error for the
first several months.  Do you remember that time?
I sure do simply because I look back then
and ask myself...my gosh, how did I EVER
manage to stay sane?
You know, if there's one thing I'll NEVER forget
about the past year, it's how I used to create 2
products a *week* (you read that right!) and bring
in perhaps 1 to 3 thousand dollars a month in 2011/2012.
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Don't believe me?  Go to WarriorPlus and search
on 'barbling' - you'll see a time in november/december
or around that time where 2 products a week was
commonplace for me.
What....a life.  Aye?
But you know, the thing is....I was NOT working
smarter.  'matter of fact, I was WRS!
ie, Working Really Stupid!  :)
Every week, I would create
a front end product, an OTO, the freakin'
sales copy...*Twice*, I might add.
Today, of course, I don't need to do that at all - I'm 
lucky if I release a product once a month.
Even more interesting....
during last August and September...
I didn't release ANY!

Not a single product.  Not 1.
But I've consistently brought IN....over
5 figures every month since June of 2012!

How did I do that during August and September...
if I didn't release products?
You'll love this:
Via 15 really cool eMail marketing strategies
that I devised over the course of last year!
Isn't that, well, oh so... *neat?*

What's soo cool about this is all of the launch
stress I used to have...eMail marketing
took them away!
Talk about a fundamental life and marketing
These 15 techniques are something so powerful,
they literally have the ability to give you
life-changing income...for 2013.

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When you read through the page, you'll
see how I was able to bring in over 3K while
laid up in the hospital recovering from my 
ankle fusion in early October 2012....
and how 2 weeks later, I made over
2.4K during the 9 days Hurricane Sandy
smooshed the Jersey Shore (ie, no power).
What you'll be getting there are my years'
worth of personal tactics I now use
to bring in at least $500 a day.
Even when I don't launch.   So nice!
People have asked me, Gee Barb, just *why* 
did you move to email marketing?
The answer, of course, is because it's so wonderfully
profitable...but even more, it gives me the ability
to help my list achieve *their* goals online.
And NOT...simply by promoting affiliate products
for their business....
But by being the trail-blazer for the newbies
who reach out to you as well!
Before you get to that point, however, you
have to internalize a *radical* shift in your
eMail marketing....one that turns traditional
techniques....on its ear, over its shoulder,
and changes your future forever.
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You're going to love that story!  But now it's
time to follow up on the kids and their chores,
so stay tuned for the next installment of:
"Who is REALLY In The Mirror:
my 23K/month 15 eMail Marketing Tactics"
I'll see you then!

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That about covers it for now...woot!
I'll be sure to touch base with you bright and
early tomorrow with whatever wootness
crosses my desk!

Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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