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Published: Mon, 03/18/13

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| oOo ==> eMail Marketing Phoenix 10am tomorrow!
| http://awpt.co/j4v8A?e=

WHY:  Students have more than made back their investment
| in the first week - eMail Marketing Mastermind
| class.  Woot!
It's Monday evening and quick:
Read THIS.
==> Touched by the Sorting Hat Light

Isnt that grand?  Nancy Boyd wrote that
to me in response to my yesterday's email.....
so very very *very* grateful (and aren't
her words....so wise?)!
Funny how life sends you the lessons you need.
How was your Monday?  Mine was pretty good -
got *grand* reviews of my eMail marketing Phoenix
class so far at
2nd week starts tomorrow and you can still
sign up for it!  Students are already reporting
an increase in their income and open rates....
love helping people like this I do!
Got lots to share but first:
==> The Dark Side goes WHEEE!
And onto today! 
Looking for FB?
You might be aware of the power of FB ads
for marketing - by smart targeting of your demographics,
you can drive down your cost per click (I got to 
4/5 of a penny myself) and get the word out
to your future colleagues.
Nice!  It's one reason why I now have a 34K
moose page and other page with over 67K
Wouldn't it be super cool, however, if you
were ALSO able to grab ALL the members
of a targeted FB *group*...and advertise
*directl* to them?
| oOo ==> Software that finds all the USER ideas and then...
| http://awpt.co/zAV8k?e=

 This cool software lets you uncover people who have
proactively clicked to join a group (ie, not just 'liked' a
page for their friends)...
Find their FB IDs...
Export them to a CVS file...
Where you can then upload them for
your ads campaign.
BAM.  Done.  No tedious research, the:
| oOo ==> Software works automatically!
| http://awpt.co/RmECi?e=
James is known working outside the box...
and this FB software takes out 90% of
the work involved for precise FB Ads
So if a tireless workhorse to help you 
increase the effectiveness of YOUR FB
ads appeals... 
| oOo ==> Nice.  Simple.  Done for you.
| http://awpt.co/RmECi?e=

What's that?  You want list building?
You might have heard about how to build
your list in places like Yahoo Answers or Quora
or such places.....
But have you ever considered the online
learning site Udemy?
Check it out now:
See that "Start learning from the worlds'
top instructors"?
I never realized I could add MY courses, did
you realize you could add yours?
| oOo ==> Page 17 starts the great course-monetizing suggestions
| http://awpt.co/dOHnD?e=
They could be PLR....
They could be your own....
And Amy and Deborah have put
together a powerful 32 page PDF report
that walk you though exactly now to
signup, craft your course, submit it,
and then transition your freebie list
to a buyers' list.
Good stuff indeed!
| oOo ==> Even allows for live sessions!
| http://askbling.com/radarlista3
Don't forget this  mornings:

During my chat with my family yesterday, I brought
out how even while we were all massively stressed...
we were able to all value and appreciate one another's
input and work together.  I will admit..that just
plain, well, *rocks*.  So grateful for my family...
each person takes ownership of their feelings
and respects the others.   Woot!
And May?
Are you going to Mario's May 2013 Event?
Price is rising TODAY....I'm attending!
==> Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime Keynotes

I wrote about it too over at:

Online Marketing Mastery Event by Mario Brown, May 2nd to 5th 2013, Will I See YOU there?

You can see the video there too, it's
extremely powerful to boot.

And did you see:
Tumblr is finally getting the visibility in marketing
it deserves!

As a PR8 domain, Tumblr sends its individual blogs
a HUGE amount of link juice.
Some Tumblr blogs have PR6!
Imagine the power of a PR6 link pointed at your money site...
But as with any effective SEO method, posting articles and blogs to Tumblr can be a real pain in the backside because it is BORING and REPETITIVE.
First you have to log in to Tumblr...
Then you have to go into the posting area...
Give your new blog a unique title...
Write a new unique post and encode your anchor text link...
Publish the post...
Then log out and...
...do it all over again on your next account!!
And multiply that by however many accounts you've created!
Want it...automated?

| oOo ==> Push button software - just load up your list of accounts and posts and hit "Run"
| http://awpt.co/TCq3w?e=

Not only that....

It's a one-time payment ONLY (no recurring
So if increasing social linkjuice to your
money sites appeals to you....

| oOo ==> Upgrades includes unlimited  auto-account creation!
| http://awpt.co/TCq3w?e=

Don't forget yesterdays:
When work does start tomorrow....let
me ask you this question!
Would you like to have to contact leads....
or have leads...proactively contact you?
The following had crossed my desk...and does
that just grand for you!
| oOo ==> Quality over quantity!
| http://awpt.co/GYe3t?e=
This is a step-by-step blueprint on
how you can engage and warm up your
future business lead-gen by using
the power of videos, mobile and
This focuses on *engaging* the future client
in such a way they *want* to spend time with
you (like a birthday party!).  
So if brand new fresh LinkedIn 2013 strategies
entice you....
| oOo ==> LinkedIn Mobile Strategies for 2013!
| http://askbling.com/limobile

What's that?  You want Video?
Well then!
I'm going to tell you a word and I want to know...
How do you *feel*?
Here goes:
Stop hiding!  :)
See, the thing about video...is once you know
*how* to create compelling calls to action/engage/
etc, your conversions could increase beautifully!
If you're like I used to be...and HATE video,
I think you're going to enjoy the following!
I learned about this last week - Joey pinged
me on FB to ask if I'd be willing to check out
his launch.  Well, the thing was... I was soo
busy getting my own launch ready, I, well,
..... didn't.  :(
But!  I *was* able to check it out this afternoon,
and can definitely recommend it!
| oOo ==> Dozens of easy-to-follow how-tos
| http://awpt.co/RaW6A?e=
This is an A-Z how-to for all (as in ALL)
aspects of video marketing, ranging from 
knowing your viewer to grabbing attention
to showcasing the solution to making
the offer to  storytelling to final editing to
over-the-shoulder to....
But it doesn't end there!
Included are tutorials for Video Creation
Theory like:
"This module is all about writing script for your videos. You will learn the exact structure and process I go through every time I create a video. These rules apply to sales videos, information videos, coaching modules, review videos, or anything else you can think of. "
to even (get this) Film School!
But what I REALLY liked was how Joey
used these techniques to connect with 
Alex Jeffreys (big huge marketer) and
get onto his radar.
THAT, my friend....is *powerful*.
So if grabbing *the* powerful techniques
from the guy who runs Jefferies' video
marketing appeals to you....
| oOo ==> By a professional videographer!
| http://awpt.co/RaW6A?e=
Or marketing?
Recently, I was asked something that
caused me to tell you about this particular
Have you ever wondered just what time-proven
WP theme that vast majority of marketers use?
It gives you:
|  ==> Launch Funnels, Membership sites, more!
| http://awpt.co/aKjAs?e=
I built:
with it.
Heck, *all* my sales pages use it!   And not just me...

*Bunches* of high powered marketers.
Here's why: 
It comes with a HUGE number of shortcodes
that make creating blocks of nifty text....easy.
But more so...
It automatically gives you bunches of sales
page templates, so you can easily incorporate
* videos
* optins
* sidebar
* no sidebar
Stuff like:
* Customize Your Sales Copy With Their Shortcode System
Never before has it been so easy to create high converting sales pages that look great too. Easily drop in testimonial boxes, order boxes, buttons, headlines and more with our point and click interface
* Build Sales Letters, Bonus Pages, One-Time Offer Pages & More
Create sales letters & offer pages based on proven & tested designs, so you can give your pages a boost before you even start writing your sales copy!
* Create Timed/One-Off Launches
You can use OptimizePress to conduct full-scale product launches. You can set your pages to "go live" on the times and dates of your choosing, so your launch process almost becomes hands-off, and with our social sharing systems, traffic to your pages should grow on autopilot
Rumor has it  a new version will be coming out
in 2013....so I would *think* that will cause
a price increase as well!   
I bought OP back last year when I started
to take my marketing seriously....and can
highly recommend it for you as well.
(and because it's a theme, it plays nicely
with WP sales plugins too!)
Thus, if you're looking for a grand theme
to make your marketing easier....
|  ==> Mobile compatible too!
| http://askbling.com/op
In other news, were you aware last week that
GooglePlus changed the layout?  I wrote about it over

Did YOUR Google Plus Profile Get Ickyfied Last Week?  Here's How To Fix!

I also include links to free PSDs to fix that issue too.


Have you heard how social proof drives bunches
of sales online?  

For example, let's say that you visit
an online site....doesn't the written reviews have
an effect on whether you decide to buy or not?
It's one of the powers of Social Media...people see
that their friends bought and recommended a product,
or follow a tweet about a product and BAM!   More
and more  people become intrigued to see....if they
should buy.   
Amazon is one site that does this beautifully,
as does Epinions and other shopping sites!
Sure would be nice to add this review/social
proof ability easily to your sites, aye?
Well then!

This earlier crossed my desk and if you're
selling ANYTHING from your sites online...
oooo  you'll want to read about it. 
Because this goodie is a WP plugin that
lets your buyers use their 

* FB
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn
* MORE! 
to leave YOU reviews!
And get this - the reviews are also
SEOed!  What I personally love about this is it integrates
the 'rich snippets' info that Google loves seeing....
If you're not familiar with Rich Snippets,
I wrote about 'em at
And Rich snippets is just *1* thing the Social Review
Engine does for you.
| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!

Another bonus which you'll love is the viral
component - not only can people send YOUR
products "Amazon-styled" reviews, BUT:
*  You can give reviewers 'rewards' 
*  You can build a buyers' list FROM the reviewers
*  You can *choose* which reviews go viral (reputation management,
done for you!)
*  More!
So if you have ANYTHING you're selling
online....this product not only makes it
superDeDuper simple to increase your
social proof, but it also increases your SEO
as well!
| oOo ==> Social Review *Engine* ==> Social Proof!

And did you see...

Gift samples included!

Looking for a grand jumpstart
in your product creation?

How does complete rights to over
140 stellar products sound?

Here, grab two examples for free:


Those are just 2...there's 138 more.

Isn't that cool?

TOTAL no brainer - videos, word docs, graphics,
software (!) etc that you can sell yourself, slice
and dice, build your list and soo much more!

|   ==> Source Code Mining Gold
| (I bought it myself)


That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to check in with you bright and early tomorrow
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Fun!
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