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Published: Tue, 03/26/13

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Good morning!
Morning morning morning!
Yes indeed, it IS morning and I'd say I'm more
hyper than a superCaffeinated Moose who discovered
espresso but the truth is.....
The past week is *really* catching up to me.  Today,
I'm taking the kids to Medieval Times:
and also preparing for the last class in 
==> eMail Marketing Mastermind
and the first class in
==> RSS Jedi
as you can tell, the price of EMM has already
doubled as promised last month (still a tremendous
value!) and RSS Jedi just increased as well this morning
(another awesome value!).
These are both at the lowest prices now 
you'll officially see them....if you want to
get the headsup on what I have to share
and make so easy to do, I highly recommend
you getting them.
In other news, my boys' friend slept over last
night, so I had an extra child to help with the
chores!  YAY!  :)  
Got lots to share but first:
==> Does your FB Timeline cover pass?
Good stuff indeed!
And onto today!
First, be prepared for a headsup from me
regarding Pinterest and CPA.  Yay!
Next, do you want a REALLY simple
way to monetize your blogs?  If so:
You're probably aware that sometimes, it's really
difficult to get your visitors' mind on buying
But what that opportunity was immediately
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As you might konw, I'm heavily teaching myself
the art of niching with Amazon....and have all of
George's other grand plugins.  It makes monetizing
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How?  Like this!
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3) It's simple and easy to use: All the settings can be accessed from a single screen. The functions are intuitive and don't need any lengthy "user manuals" (that nobody likes to read anyway). Each function has a "help" link next to it that provides some advice for that function. But many customers tell us that they don't even need to open the help links, because it's so obvious how each function works...
So if further monetization is of interest to you....
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Don't forget yesterdays:
Feel like giving up?
That be me this afternoon:
Now, I do realize that as I do now have Home Depot
in my foot....it WILL take time.  So I gave myself
permission to feel miserable for 3 whole minutes...
and then exercised it away.  :)
In other LingLand news, Honorable Boy 1 got a huge
dose of humility when his eldest sister informed him
he put his loft bed together.....backwards.   Quite
the learning experience indeed!  :)
And how was your day?  Grand I hope!  
Got lots to share but first:
 ==> Person of the Year!
What's that?
GooglePlus flaps your earlobes instead?
Well then!
Brief, pithy and to the point.
Google gives a HUGE priority to Google Authorship
and the content you share within your Circles, approved
sites and the like.
And within your circles, you can reblog and build
your network!  You can even follow/add authority
figures so you're always at the cutting edge of your
Want something to automate all these tasks?
Something that automatically creates circles
BASED upon trends as well?  Think for a second
how powerful it would be to have all of those
trend-makers....at your fingertips.
Yep, it appeals to me too!
Here's where to make it easier:
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This comes with a:
* Circle Manager
* Content Reblogger
* Image Poster
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* Competition Spy
Now I know the importance of Google Authorship
and Google Circles and the like...so this is rather
timely for me.   How about for you?
Product:  Includes done-for-you reviews AND...
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What's that?
You want Affiliate Goodness?
You know how reviews tend to make closing
visitors 'waaaay easier?  After all, social proof
in the form of reviews....customers love reading
other people's experiences and buying based 
upon the goodness they see.
Wouldn't it be great to have an affiliate
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If so, lookie here!
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So if a snazzy WP responsive theme (developers option
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And Kindle?
This just crossed my desk...and if you're into
passive income, you'll find it pretty fascinating
indeed.  See, it gives you the ability to use Kindle
even if...you've never published before.
Well, you've probably heard how publishing digital thingees
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getting the books written, in the past, has seemed
to be such a deal-breaker (how the heck do you
do it?)
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Well!  It turns out that there's bunches of short-cuts
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save times, things that get others writing for....
really really *smart* techniques indeed!
Take a look at these chapters:
* Money-Making Book Strategy #1: 'Get 'Em Begging To Write For You

* Money-Making Book Strategy #2: The Expert Arm-Twister

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* Money-Making Book Strategy #4: Outsourcing With A Quickness...

* Money-Making Book Strategy #5: A Small Army Of People Promoting YOU For Their Own Self Interest...

* Money-Making Book Strategy #6: InstaPartner With Your Idol

* Money-Making Book Strategy #7: Kindle Blogging For Big Bucks
(NOBODY Talks About This)
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One of the most popular Amazon goodies these
days....is mobile accessories!   The deals are beautiful
but wow....how much time do you have to spending
finding them all?  Adding them to a site?

Wouldn't it be truly grand if you could 
it all done....for you?

And not only that, but it would also give you

Bestselling Mobile Phones Finder

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We're talking instant done-for-you access on over
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And even more so...
The bonuses simply *ensure* you monetize things 
grand - lookie at:
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Why the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Is Highly Underrated


So if you'd like a complete done-for-you solution.....

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That about covers it for this moment'...woot!
Hope your day goes peachy...and I'll be certain
to touch base this afternoon
with whatever wootness crosses me desk!

Thanks again for being on my list...
I'll continue to do me best to bring to you
updates about the most valuable resources I can find
for you online!
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitably Fun!
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