Friday morning perkup - Social Monetization, Protecting your products, back to the doctor, more!

Published: Fri, 12/06/13

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| oOo ==>  Dr. Ben Adkins' latest - Social Media Monetization
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Good morning!

It's Friday morning and I have great news and lousy news.

Great news is - 2.5 months after he was hit by a car,
my son is now out of his cast and healing great.  Yay!

Bad news - it looks like I have some unidentified 
thingees on my knee plus there's a patch of infection.
Going to see the doctor today to see what's
going on - still, though, these things happen.

I've literally been up since 11:30pm last night.

Sigh.  But nothing eventually gets me down so...
yep.  Going to face everything well.

And it's Friday!  The day the Golden Coffeecup
winner will be announced!  I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Plus!  Be sure to read

This just shows you how anything can show up
again on the Internet.   Scary stuff!

And onto today:

Headsup at 11am!  

| oOo ==>  Dr. Ben Adkins' latest - Social Media Monetization

This is his latest goodie!

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The Secret Way that he communicates with Everyone that Signs up to His list to "Bond as he Sells".

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and... A Whole Lot More.

Good stuff!

| oOo ==>  Dr. Ben Adkins' latest - Social Media Monetization

And my latest as well -  price increasing tonight!

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Price will be increasing tonight as well!
Thank you for being on my list - I will do my
best to keep you abreast of all the new developments
in the marketing world and will be sure to touch base with
you this afternoon with whatever
wootness crosses me desk.
Grow strong, 
Barbara Ling
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