Do you write for meaning or money?

Published: Fri, 09/26/14

"One Sunday morning, my dad was in his recliner, sipping coffee and looking through the Dallas Morning News. An opinion piece had caught his eye. He didn't tell me who the author was--and I didn't really want to know--because the writer was arguing that only one thing made an artist legitimate.

"'The answer is if you've gotten paid for it,' my dad said . . .

"'What about Emily Dickinson?' I said. 'Or Van Gogh? . . . I think being an artist has more to do with whether you can stop.' . . .

"Because the truth is, being a writer is not about money. It's never been about money. If you make it about money, you've missed the whole point, and your work will suffer. So will you, if you really are an artist. You will have turned from your god for a dollar. And no dollar amount will relieve that loss, that separation from your most basic identity, which some would call your soul."

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