"What's the motivation?"

Published: Sun, 02/24/19

Understanding the emotional drive of a character.

It's central to an actor's performance.

Famously, Alfred Hitchcock was asked by an actor, "What's my motivation?"

To which he replied, "Your salary."

And so it is with this roller coaster called wholesaling.

Wherein an "actor's" drive is, more often than not, driven by an external factor - or extrinsic motivation.

To provide for our families.

To perform to the firm's standards.

To grab the next rung on your career ladder.

But there's also intrinsic motivation.

When we are driven to do things for pure enjoyment.

Read a good book, sit on a rock by the ocean, play a game, or work out.

Sadly, and if we're not careful, this profession leads us to be adversely over-weighted to the extrinsic side of the ledger.

What are you intrinsically motivated to do - just for you?

Would you please complete this THREE QUESTION survey about wholesaler motivation?

We'll publish the results on the website soon.

Here's the survey link again.