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Enhancing Bright Futures

Published: Thu, 03/23/23

Sharpening Skills of Tomorrow's Dairy Professionals March 23, 2023 Sustaining Tomorrow's Dairy Professionals Since 2014, the Professional Dairy…

Returning to a rich family tradition

Published: Thu, 03/09/23

Meet Kat Eugster! March 9, 2023On the Fast Track Back to a Family Tradition! For Kat, farming is filled with favorite memories from childhood, rich…

Reaching a Goal to Serve Others

Published: Thu, 01/26/23

Meet the Mary Elvekrog WROF, Inc. Board Scholar, Shelby Lutz January 26, 2023A Seemingly Modest Dream with Noble Goals Shelby Lutz has always been…

Acing a New Chapter

Published: Thu, 01/12/23

Meet the Dr. Aliesha Crowe, Ed.D. WROF, Inc. Board Scholar, Mary Lewandowski! January 12, 2023Starting a New Chapter with help from the WROF, Inc.

HURRY to make a year-end gift TODAY!

Published: Sat, 12/31/22

There's still time! The clock is ticking... make your year-end gift NOW!There's still time to make a ta -deductible gift to support rural Wisconsin's…

There's still time! ⏰

Published: Thu, 12/29/22

Give NOW to ensure bright futures for tomorrow! We're so glad we caught up with you! There's still time to make a ta -deductible gift to ensure rural…

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Published: Thu, 12/22/22

Give NOW to brighten rural Wisconsin's future tomorrow! It's as EASY as 1 - 2 - 3! Why consider a gift now?You care about rural Wisconsin and the…

Catching up with a rising star

Published: Thu, 12/15/22

Meet the Jim Caldwell/Citizens Bank WROF Board Scholar Jencie Lynaugh! December 15, 2022Reaching for the Stars Three years ago, a major event became a…

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