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Published: Tue, 12/29/15

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December 2015

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Looking Back, Looking Forward!

As the year comes to a close, it’s natural to reflect on the past twelve months and celebrate the successes, review the challenges, and then gear up for a new year of opportunity. As the Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc. Board reflects, we are overwhelmed with the significant difference our past scholarship and loan recipients are making in rural Wisconsin.  From assuring expert healthcare is available in rural areas, to working in both traditional agricultural and new bioscience technology positions, our recipients take their education back to our rural areas, raise families enveloped in rural values and lead for a vibrant future. 

As we look ahead, we see the gap growing greater between the ability to work summers and part-time during the school year and earn enough to cover tuition and living expenses. This reality finds today’s graduate facing a hefty student loan bill as they begin their chosen career. We see the need for our scholarship support growing and growing as we look ahead.  In November the Board approved over 100 scholarships and loans infusing over $140,000 dollars into students in more than 30 educational institutions throughout Wisconsin. We’d like that number to be greater.

We are determined to create partnerships, raise funds and apply our current dollars in the most impactful way. Our goal is to review our financial position in spring and add additional awards. Recently I provided my own personal gift and challenged our Board to contribute as well, to lead the way towards making additional awards possible.  I challenge YOU to join me in helping more students. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution NOW before the year ends and celebrate the joy of strengthening our rural Wisconsin heritage.  Thank you!

Dorothy Farrell, President
Board of Directors
Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc.
"Since receiving the WROF loan, I was able to focus more on my studies and my residency in family medicine. With the help of the WROF, I was able to concentrate on what matters most in a future practice. Next year I will be practicing family medicine in rural Wisconsin (Albany) with the Monroe Clinic. Thank you again WROF!"

David Rebedew, Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine
UW School of Medicine and Public Health
The Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM) is a rural education program within the UW School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison. The goal of the program is to admit students who intend to practice rural medicine and ultimately increase the number of physicians who practice medicine in rural Wisconsin improving the health of rural Wisconsin communities.

Make the Joy of Generosity part of your Happy New Year!

The very best part of serving as the Executive Director for the Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc. is asking our recipients, straight out, “Does $500 or $1000 really even make a difference in all the costs you face?” 

These bright, passionate and capable young people respond with such incredible sincerity. Their genuine appreciation inspires me to continue to find ways to provide even more support. They are the faces and the stories of rural Wisconsin’s solid future and, trust me here, our modest awards make a difference to them. You see, it’s not just about the money. It’s about the vote of confidence we place in their ability to succeed.  We collectively say, “Yes, we believe YOU will be successful in school and in your rural communities and farms.”  Nick, one of our recipients from a northern Wisconsin technical college said, “Sometimes it’s pretty hard. I’m working, going to class, helping back on the farm on weekends and studying when I can.” 
Your gift of any amount is matched dollar for dollar by the WROF, Inc. You can request that your gift be used immediately for scholarships OR invested in our long-term endowment – whatever is more meaningful for you.  Gifts of $500 and $1000 create additional scholarships now with the WROF Board Challenge match.  This month I joined the challenge of our WROF President Dorothy Farrell and provided my own gift. Giving feels GREAT!  There is nothing like the feeling you are using what you have been given to help others achieve success. You can give on-line or mail in your gift post-marked by 12/31.  Thank you for your consideration.  May your 2016 be filled with abundance and joy! 

Marcy Heim, Executive Director
Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation, Inc.

Calling All Past Recipients!

WROF, Inc. would love to hear how how receiving a scholarship or award from our organization has helped you to achieve your goals. Showing the impact that the WROF, Inc. awards have had on the lives of our recipients allows us to maximize the support we can provide in the future. Please consider taking a moment of your time to share your story with us on this form!

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