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Published: Tue, 03/05/13

We Said Go Travel Newsletter 21:  March 5, 2013
We Said: Hello from Nepal

Hello from Pokhara! Our time in Nepal has been filled with wonderful people and incredible views.

We hiked UP! to Sarangkot from Pokhara. This stair climb began at the lake (884 m) to Sarangkot (1590m). It was about 4 hours uphill but the views at the top and for sunrise the next day were worth every step. (Photos above and below at sunrise from Sherpa Resort). I have been concerned about my abilities to hike and trek in Nepal as I had a bit of trouble on our third day hike in Tansen but I did GREAT! All of our walking the last eight months and the practicing around Pokhara has really helped.

Pokhara is a hot spot for paragliders and there was recently a Russian Paragliding contest. It all looked great until we saw a tandem crash. If you are up for the experience, move Nepal to the top of your list. Within five years, there will be a new international airport in Pokhara and no more paragliding with a view of Annapurna.

We left on February 24th for a trek to Poon Hill. In the next newsletter, I will update you on how long we were gone and how it all went. We bought our permits, new down jackets, rented trekking poles and sleeping bags, took two of everything and are ready for adventure!

Thank you to everyone who has shared our journey literally on the road with us or by reading and commenting on our newsletter and website!

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Super successful contest!

Our first TRAVEL WRITING CONTEST ended Feb 14, 2013.

Thank you to everyone who shared or participated in our first writing contest. We had OVER EIGHTY ENTRIES! We have just begun to share them all on our site! Look for our next contest on Independence to begin in May and end of July 4th!
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Movies from our Trip
MOVIES from our trip: click the country to see all the movies: Bali and Lombok Indonesia, Southern Thailand , Myanmar (Burma) on our YouTube channel. We will be adding movies from Northern Thailand, India and Nepal.

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