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Published: Tue, 08/20/13

We Said Go Travel Newsletter 32:  August 20, 2013

Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

After three and a half months in Thailand, we crossed the border during Hari Raya into Malaysia. The end of Ramadan meant the streets and hotels were crowded in Penang. We found space at Hotel Hong Ping, which we would recommend to travelers in the area. The staff was very helpful and interested in our journey!

We met up again with fellow writers from California, Russell and Asia from to celebrate launching our memoir. The Festival of the Pacific began by munching on Indian fare at the famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar. (see photo below).

We enjoyed seeing the sights of Penang that we had visited five years earlier and learning that our perceptions were different as we were in a different place in our relationship. More posts and photos of Penang and Cameron Highlands(see Boh Tea Plantation above) will be published soon.

The winners to our Independence Travel Writing Contest will be announced in the early days of September. Our Gratitude Travel Writing Contest will begin on September 11 and close on November 28 with the beginning of Chanukah and Thankgiving.

We appreciate all of you who read our newsletters, articles, website and BOOK! Thank you to everyone for your support of our journey and all our writing. We are participating in travel events in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Guam, Oahu and Los Angeles! Connect with us on Facebook Google+LinkedInPinterest,  SlideShare ,  Twitter, and YouTube.

We will send our next news from the Philippines! Happy and Safe Travels!

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Recent posts to enjoyGeorge was recently published in Top Five things to do in Myanmar and I had another article in Women's Adventure Magazine. I called it Sobbing While Snorkeling but the title became: When Relationships are Challenged by Extreme Travel!  We appreciate all our editors assistance and for sharing our stories! Jonny Blair interviewed us on his site: Don't Stop Living.

From Westside Today: Traveling Around the World Sin!

"Traveling in Sin" is a love story and travel memoir rolled in to a single, enjoyable book.The travelers fell in love while traversing the Far East, and include 80 beautiful photos from their journey. As their adventures unfold, Niver-Rajna whittles her waistline while upping her confidence and Rajna learns to open his heart to the partner he proposes to toward the end of the trip. Niver-Rajna and Rajna tell an exciting tale filled with tears of joy and disaster as they share their love story. --Westside Today, Amy Sommer, July 18, 2013

Our Independence Travel Writing contest was a great success with 188 writers from 31 countries. Thank you to all who have participated or shared about it! We are especially grateful to our two wonderful judges, Richard Bangs and Amy Friedman.

Read  the INCREDIBLE INDEPENDENCE ENTRIES! More are being published each day. GET ready for GRATITUDE! Our Fall 2013 Travel Writing Contest begins September 11 and ends on Thanksgiving.


Our Memoir is available: Traveling in Sin

We left last July for Indonesia for this one year journey and five years ago in July for our first one year sabbatical! Read our memoir, Traveling in Sin, to learn how we met online, and chose to meander from Indonesia to Mongolia. Along the way, I lost over fifty pounds and we got engaged underwater. This book is NOT a collection of blog posts. We have never published this story before! Enjoy all the colorful characters we met and the tears and triumphs of a Peace Corps Worker and a Princess (cruises employee) finding their way together in Asia. 

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