Watch Lisa Niver today on KTLA TV! Nov 2017 We Said Go Travel News

Published: Thu, 11/16/17

A special mid month update from We Said Go Travel:

November 16 2017 NEWS: Watch Lisa Niver today on KTLA TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles, California

Watch me on KTLA today during the 10pm news. I will share a link of the segment on as soon as I can so you can watch from anywhere! 

I will be talking about Holiday Travel and there is a giveaway where you can win a terrific trip! Check KTLA for more information this weekend about how to enter.

I am grateful to everyone who has shared this journey with me. Thank you for all the words of wisdom, suggestions and help.

To get camera ready, who are you gonna call?
I called GLAM SQUAD! Thank you to my marvelous hair and make-up team of Milo and Michael


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Recent videos:  Monaco  #97, IrelandScotland #98 and San Marino  #99 Video #750 = My 1st mountain biking lesson at Northstar California Resort with Specialized Bike Academy!! (read about it in POPSUGAR!)

Video #755: Sky Diving for my birthday with GoJump Oceanside!

VIDEO: How was my 1st Sky Dive with GoJump Oceanside?


Thank you to everyone who has participated in our We Said Go Travel Competitions! Find the winners for the 2017 Inspiration Award here. The entries from the 2017 Summer Independence Award have been published and the finalists will be announced next week.  There is no Fall Gratitude award this year as we are working on a redesign for the website right now. Look for more writing awards in 2018.


Our first ever Travel Photo Award is now closed! Thank you to our judges, Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere and Jeana from Surf and Sunshine. We hope you will submit a photo in our next award. We will begin sharing the entries soon.

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My fortune cookies said "Your personality is great. Use it wisely--don't debate." and last month: "Sail into the land of opportunity -- Treasures await!"  Thank you for your support. Lisa

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My YouTube channel is at 655,000 views! Across all my video platforms =1,445,000+ (1.4M) views.
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