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Published: Tue, 06/03/14

We Said Go Travel Newsletter 50: June 3, 2014
Be Brave! Share your story in our Independence Writing Contest!

Thank you to our winners and all the participants in the Inspiration Travel Writing Contest. Enjoy all the entries. Thank you for reading, commenting and being in our community! I hope you will be inspired to join in our Summer 2014 Independence Writing Contest!

We are looking for an article about your act of freedom-a place you chose or that allows you to feel free. Be inspired by Sara Barielles' song, Brave, and share "What you want to say." We want to "See you Be Brave...and start speaking up!" Where are you most able to be your true self? In Nellie Bennett's Only in Spain, she watches a flamenco dancer and shares wanting "to attack my life with that passion, to live with her joy and her devotion to her art... I'd wanted to feel and smell and taste life, and live like that dancer on the stage in Seville, risking that triple turn, never sure she wouldn't spin right off the stage." Your place of freedom might be far across the globe or in your own backyard.

    Please enjoy all the videos from my trip to Puerto Rico with Richard Bangs and Orbitz! I made a special playlist to host them all. Click here.

    I wrote about our journey for Frankly Penn, the alumni blog of the University of Pennsylvania: Filming in Puerto Rico. I recently wrote about being at my 25th college reunion! Living an "As Is" Life in a World that Wants "So Perfect!" Thank you to my roommates, Joyce and Barb, for all our amazing times years ago and then together again on campus!

     Barb and I were honored to walk in graduation! Video and article about hearing John Legend (class 1999) speak will be coming soon! We spent the morning between the Penn Parade and wearing graduation robes at the Philadelphia Art Museum with Living Beyond Breast Cancer for YOGA ON THE STEPS with 1500 friends!

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    Huffington Post Travel Reviews Traveling in Sin
    If you're traveling to [Asia], especially independently, Traveling In Sin is a wonderful resource -- like a personalized version of Lonely Planet -- while also being a very entertaining read. If you enjoy living vicariously through travel memoirs, Traveling In Sin makes makes you feel as if you've covered all of Southeast Asia. Read the full review: CLICK HERE
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    Yoga on The Steps: 1500 people at Philadelphia Art Museum!

    Our Memoir is available: Traveling in Sin

    Our memoir, Traveling in Sin, is now available in three paperback editions! It turns out most books have very few color photos as they are quite expensive! So we now have FOUR OPTIONS: Kindle e-book with color photos, a paperback with color photos, a paperback with black and white photos and a paperback with no photos. See them all on Amazon! click here

    We left last July for Indonesia for this one year journey and five years ago in July for our first one year sabbatical! Read our memoir, Traveling in Sin, to learn how we met online, and chose to meander from Indonesia to Mongolia. Along the way, I lost over fifty pounds and we got engaged underwater. This book is NOT a collection of blog posts. We have never published this story before! Enjoy all the colorful characters we met and the tears and triumphs of a Peace Corps Worker and a Princess (cruises employee) finding their way together in Asia. 

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