[X&Y] 4 Steps To Decide If She Deserves A Second Date

Published: Thu, 05/30/19


IN THIS EDITION:  Have you ever been on a first meeting with a woman
and found yourself needing a bit more information before deciding to
go for the second date?



Sometimes when you're out and around a certain woman
catches your eye.

Scratch that...she lassos your attention like the little
cowgirl she is and practically gives you whiplash in the

It's an exhilarating feeling, isn't it?  Just one look and
you know immediately that she was MADE for sex and is
capable of ANYTHING.  

You're distracted...suddenly forgetting anything else that
was just on your mind.

All you can think about is the irresistible fantasy of
playing with her like a sex toy...willingly intoxicated
by her glorious naked femaleness.

Obviously, it's easy to spot a woman who you could easily
become sexually obsessed with.

But what about the kind of woman I call a "Sex Princess"?

THAT'S the kind of woman who will become sexually
obsessed with YOU...

...Getting drunk off of your masculine power and the sexual
ecstasy you give her.

Even behind a conservative appearance, she's sexually
adventurous beyond your wildest dreams and addicted to
pleasuring you in every way you can imagine.

She's not so easy to identify, is she?  (HINT:  She's
just as likely to be a librarian or a kindergarten teacher
as a stripper or a porn star.)

But when you find her, your sex life exceeds your wildest

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It's probably happening EVERY DAY.  And you have more
willing, eager Sex Princesses than you think.

All you have to do is choose them.  Here's how:

Your Sex Princess Awaits

Obviously, you want a woman who is BOTH a "Sex Toy" and
a "Sex Princess".

What would you call such a woman, other than "incredible"?  

"Sex Kitten" might work...

Whoever she is, I've jam-packed Behind Closed Doors with all
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One key skill you've got to learn is how to handle first meetings
with a women you're not completely sure about just yet.

I know what you're already saying.

"Scot, man.  If you're not sure, shouldn't that be an automatic
'no'?  I mean, aren't you the guy who's always harping on 'not

Not so fast.

You may be completely sold on how she looks (see "sex toy" above)
and how she carries herself.  You know, all the things you make
snap judgments about on sight.

And while I know it's completely possible for a woman to increase in
apparent physical beauty (or the opposite) as you get to know her
personally, I will indeed vouch for the fact that your ultimate
woman will very likely knock your socks off in the looks department
from the moment you first notice her.

But just because instant attraction is a reality doesn't mean
that "love at first sight" isn't still a dangerous myth.

Indeed, every woman you meet had better pass some hard tests.

By now you know what those are.  She's got to actually LIKE MEN.
She's got to LIKE HERSELF.  And she's got to be a woman of strong

She also has to enjoy being a woman--which ALL (yes, I said "all")
intrinsically feminine women do.

So while you're sitting in front of her trying to decipher her
"code" and getting to know what's really going on in her head, here
are some ways to stay on track with the matter at hand:


That's right.  By now the dangers of "pre-qualification" have been
drilled into your mind.  You don't need me to do that again for you.

And if you are indeed no longer "clouded by beauty-vision" pat
yourself on the back.  

Realize you are among a very small minority of men who can keep
their heads together when confronted (and I think that's the
correct word) with the prospect of meeting a woman who's more
physically attractive than most.

The crazy irony is that not only will this give you a clear head
about making sure the woman you're in front of is the "whole
package" instead of just a pretty face, your confidence and
masculinity as displayed by virtue of this factor alone is going to
make that pretty face smile.  

That means she's more likely to want you (see "Sex Princess" above),
which brings up the second step...


I've also written about this before in detail.  Attractive women who
deal with a string of guys who are "pre-qualifier" types do it ALL

And as the chooser rather than the chaser you're going to have to
do likewise.

The premise is simply this:  the shock and awe of your "big four"
presence is going to be so attractive to most women (regardless of
who they are) that they are highly likely to want to lock you down
fast enough that it'll make your head spin.

Men of high character who are confidently able to project masculinity
while putting a woman completely at ease in his presence are RARE.  

Welcome to why we talk about the "big four" around here:  Because

So when you are reasonably comfortable that a woman you are out
with is really starting to like you, remember a simple but powerful

Women won't typically throw themselves at you, and we as men usually
need a 2x4 upside the head to figure out a woman is attracted.  

So if you THINK she likes you, it's probable that she REALLY likes

So in order to give yourself time to make a final decision
regarding whether to continue seeing a woman or not, it's important
that you lay back and tone things down a bit.  

By this I mean don't banter with her quite as much.  Be a bit more
reserved in the true sense of the word.  Hold some of your charm
back a bit.  

Once you know the possibility of a second date is there for you,
save the rest of how amazing you are for another time.  Otherwise,
she could "fall in love" with you, and any decision you make to cut
things off could be more hurtful to her than it had to be.

Worse, it could result in you earning yourself a stalker.  I'm


If you're not quite at the level where you want to be yet when it
comes to creating attraction with women, I'm sure the first two
points above were nothing short of preposterous for you to read.

No worries.  As I've said before, my vision for you is probably
much larger than even what you have for yourself at this very

But you'll get to this point where all of this stuff matters sooner
or later, which is why you need to know what the real deal is NOW.

And when that time comes, there's no reason why SHE shouldn't know
it also.

Basically, it's okay to tell her exactly what your process is for
evaluating women--without, of course, putting it in those exact
words.  That would be more arrogant than you'd likely be able to
walk away from without a limp.

But you DO explain to her that you really enjoy meeting women
socially, and that you've made lots of great friends that way.  

Further, you greatly value every step to getting to know someone
well and you don't enter into relationships lightly.

Have you ever been with a woman who kept saying things like,
"friends first" and "I like to get to know someone before I date

Did you ever notice that's usually a woman who is in high demand
by men?

You guessed it.  That was her elegant and devastatingly effective
way of accomplishing everything we're talking about here.

If you've ever heard such musings from women, did you sense what
was going on at the time or did you completely miss it--perhaps
soldiering on trying to impress her more?

Well, since women do indeed tend to behave subtly when it comes
to matters of attraction, my guess is that SHE'LL "get it" when a
similar message comes from you.

And if not, here's the final point...


Yep...some women can perform their own version of "soldiering

They'll talk about the chemistry between the two of you.  They'll
start dreaming aloud about the future.  They may even ask you what
you might want to name your kids someday.

If they're really bent on becoming your girlfriend, even women who
led with sexual conservatism may come on very strong a lot sooner
than you expected...perhaps along with a carefully timed discourse on
how she only has sex with a guy she's "in a relationship with".

I think you get the idea.  The point is that even top-notch women
truly will start to CHASE YOU at some point in your well-played
interactions with them.  

If you've never seen this happen in real life before, I can assure
you it goes on.

When women chase, however, they tend to do so after they've gotten
to know you some.  

We as guys tend to begin the chase immediately on sight ...which is a
major clue as to why so many men are "chasers".  They lead,

Keep your composure as a man with options.  

Don't let yourself be tempted into a sexual situation with a woman
who may very well be so into you already that she (ahem) "forgets"
she's not exactly on birth control.

Don't let her emotional displays tug at your heart strings.

In short, don't be manipulated.

Listen, I realize that what I've just shared with you may sound
like advanced stuff.   But the best time to get the hang of it is
NOW rather than later.

The wisdom to know which women to continue seeing and which to stay
"friends" with (or cut ties to completely) is a must have skill.
Don't kid yourself.

Consider how it would probably take you both hands to count how
many men you know who are married to a physically beautiful woman
but who are miserable--or who have been ruined by a divorce from
her--and you'll get the point.

Be Good,

Scot McKay


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