[X&Y] What A REAL Relationship Looks Like (How To Beat The Odds)

Published: Sat, 06/29/19



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My co-host for this episode, Matt Javit, recently spent over two
years traveling the world with his wife. Besides engaging in lots
of ‘world barbershop adventures‘, as he calls them, he
discovered a new and deeper level of “all-in relationship”
with his main squeeze.

So, what IS a 100/0 relationship, anyway…and what are the
key tenets of a powerful, healthy one? Well, for starters it
does NOT mean the guy gets run over like some kind of
beta ‘nice guy’. Not at all.

You’ll discover what both Matt and I have done right in our
respective marriages from the very beginning, making sure
the relationship was built on a firm foundation.

What’s the best way to evaluate whether or not you’re going
to get along with a woman long-term? How come so many
couples can seem to fake their way through marriage?

What happens to affect the equation once kids enter the
picture? Is there a secret to spending SO much time
together as a couple without getting sick of each other?

All that, plus barber shops, sumo, basketball and much
more in this unique episode.

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