[X&Y] 4 Gut Feelings About Women You Should Pay Attention To

Published: Tue, 07/30/19


WHAT'S INSIDE:  If you get the sneaking suspicion that something
just isn't right between you and a certain woman you know, you
should probably pay attention.



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As much as we hear about "women's intuition" and so forth, the
whole idea of getting a gut feeling about something is decidedly
not gender specific, is it?

We as guys tend to have our "spidey senses" tuned up every bit as
well as women do.  

If you go back through the file cards of your memory you'll soon
figure out that unless you're some sort of chronic worrier, your
instincts have rarely, if ever lied to you.

But do we always actually listen to them?  

Sometimes we can get so clouded by beauty vision that we try
to talk ourselves out of believing what we already know is the

You can just feel it in the pit of your stomach, can't you?

With all of that in mind, here are four situations that I'm sure all
of us as guys have found ourselves in with women:

1)  She's "Distant"

Because she's a little more reserved, isn't smiling as much as
usual and/or is easily distracted you get the distinct feeling that
there's something weighing heavy on her mind.

When you ask her, "What's wrong?" she may say, "Nothing", but you
know it's SOMETHING.

This whole situation comes in two flavors:  "Regular" and "Extra

That is, there's either suppressed anger involved or not.

If she seems somewhat calm and laid back--or even too much so--she
might not have figured out how to talk to you about something
important yet (e.g. pregnancy, STD concerns, she's married, etc.).

Or, she may actually be hiding something from you and is feeling
guilt about it.  But she knows that if you find out it's not going
to end well.

She might even have met someone else but is taking a "wait and see"
attitude toward him while she weighs her options.  That would
create distance, no doubt.

But if you sense latent animosity over there instead, you can bet
she's angry at you for some reason.  That's straightforward by

2)  Communication Slows WAY Down

Whenever a woman isn't so quick about returning your calls or
texts, you'll probably feel like you're losing touch with her.

A slowdown in communication may be accompanied by a decrease
in her availability.  

For example, she might be "busy" at times she previously would have
jumped at the chance to come over and cook dinner with you, or

When you see these signs you might suspect she's either losing
attraction for you and/or is seeing someone else.

And your thinking would be spot on.

If you've been seeing a woman for a while and this sort of thing
starts happening you can be assured she's AT LEAST contemplating
seeing someone else.  He's in the picture, for sure.

3)  She Stops Being Affectionate

You might notice that a woman is not as touchy-feelie with you
as she once was.   

Her sex drive may have dropped, which she might have some verbal
excuse for.

But if she's flat-out not showing you much affection anymore,
possibly even treating you more like a friend than a lover,
then she's just not "feeling it" for you any more.

She doesn't know how to tell you that though, either because she
first has to convince HERSELF that she won't snap out of it or
because you've been so "nice" to her that she dreads breaking your

4)  Her Personality Changes

Sometimes a woman who's been a total sweetheart, or at least fairly
happy-go-lucky in the past will suddenly switch to being edgier toward
you and/or easily frustrated with you.

She might demonstrate that she respects you less and/or doesn't
adore you as much.

Assuming that she's mentally healthy, one of two things is

First, she may feel like YOU'RE not caring as much about HER as you
used to, and she's simply reacting.  Remember, women naturally
follow your lead, so check yourself honestly.

But if you've been an even keel for the most part, then it's
likely that something has caused her level of attraction toward you
to plummet.

Either she's met someone else she'd actually rather be seeing--were
she not "stuck" with you--or she's just sick of seeing your face.


If you consider those four factors above honestly, it might occur
to you that you've actually been on both the receiving end AND the
giving end of them all at one point or another.

Our gut feelings are SO accurate in these cases not just because the
instincts involved aren't gender-specific.  The actual situations
I described aren't either.

So then, knowing we can trust our intuition, what's the solution?

Well, in each instance she's clearly avoiding something that needs
to be talked about.

That means you can stop whatever you're doing and make a firm
suggestion that she bring the issue out into the open.

Assure her you're both rational human beings so it's time to come
clean.  The key is to help her feel SAFE and SECURE about
disclosing what's bothering her.   

If she knows you'll neither overreact nor judge her, that will
help immensely.

Then, of course, you've got to make good on keeping your
composure--no matter what comes out of her mouth.  

That's easier said than done, I realize.  But you have to
strengthen your resolve to be a man of character and remain cool
and collected.

And hey...if you ever find yourself avoiding the inevitable
yourself with a woman you've been seeing, why not man up and tell
her what's going on?

She's a big girl and you'll likely find she can handle it.  Plus,
you'll save her from having to endure gut feelings of her own.

Be Good,

Scot McKay


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