COMSOL Tips & Tricks - Using the Free Tetrahedral

Published: Wed, 12/17/14

COMSOL Multiphysics® simulations are based upon the finite element method.  This numerical method requires discretizing the solution domains with a finite element mesh. For complicated 3D geometries it is possible to get errors when you try to mesh your geometry using the Free Tetrahedral automatic meshing operation. Have you ever seen an error like this?

While there are a number of causes for this type of error, there are also a number of ways to address the issue.  Recently, we happened upon a meshing trick that may resolve the error.  If your meshing sequence happens to have 2 or more Free Tetrahedral nodes to mesh separate domains and you are getting a meshing error, try combining all the domains into a single Free Tetrahedral operation as follows:

This solution still permits different mesh sizes on different domains via their own custom size constraints.  The key to this solution of the meshing error is to include all domains in a single Free Tetrahedral operation. We make no promises that this will definitely address the meshing error!  But, recently this technique worked for us.  And, of course, we are always available for specific and dedicated consulting help for any meshing difficulties or other modeling challenges

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Jeff & Kyle

PS. Many thanks to Josh Thomas, Research Engineer, for contributing this COMSOL Tips & Tricks!

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