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🍋 What do lemons have to do with testing?

Published: Thu, 07/11/24

Updated: Fri, 07/12/24

Discover the benefits of split testing in email marketing! Login Hey friend! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing—which…

[New] Unlock Your Perfect Subject Line ✨

Published: Tue, 07/09/24

Updated: Sun, 07/14/24

Check out our latest tools & integrations! ✨ Subject Line AssistantWriting subject lines has never been easier (or more effective). With the all new…

All Over the Map? 🗺️

Published: Thu, 07/04/24

Updated: Sat, 07/06/24

Using Customer Journey Maps to make more strategic, informed decisions Login Read to the end to get your hands on a free Customer Journey Map…

[NEW] AWeber Now Integrates with Calendly!

Published: Tue, 07/02/24

Updated: Sun, 07/07/24

Don’t let an opportunity slip through the cracks Hey friend,Imagine never letting a potential new client slip through the cracks again. You no longer…

Bullseye! 🎯

Published: Thu, 06/27/24

Updated: Thu, 06/27/24

Perfect your marketing aim with buyer personas Login Read to the end to get your hands on a free buyer persona template! ✨ Hi there friend, Archery…

You can’t make bricks without clay 🧱

Published: Thu, 06/20/24

Updated: Thu, 06/20/24

Using email marketing KPIs to improve your strategy Login Hi there friend, I didn’t start taking my sleep health seriously until embarrassingly…

The G.O.A.T. of goat yoga 🐐

Published: Thu, 06/13/24

Updated: Fri, 06/14/24

Meet this month’s Community Highlight: Jim Naron of Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga! Login Hi there friend, I’m in no way e aggerating when I tell you that…

Are you blending in or standing out? 💥

Published: Thu, 06/06/24

Updated: Thu, 06/06/24

Using competitor research to design a more eye-catching brand Login Hi there friend, As a graphic designer, the grocery store is a very distracting…

From SOS to RSS 🛟

Published: Thu, 05/30/24

Updated: Sat, 06/01/24

Save time and get more eyes on your content with RSS feeds Login Hi there friend, I was against meal kit services for the longest time. Lavish reviews…

Game on 🎮

Published: Thu, 05/23/24

Updated: Thu, 05/23/24

Enter to win our Email Masterclass for free! Login Hi there friend, My little boy used to hate math. Practicing math facts stressed him out, using…

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