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Where will your next email idea come from?

Published: Thu, 02/01/24

Check out where my inspiration came from for this newsletter - Login Hi there friend, The most challenging part about writing these newsletters is…

Is your welcome email doing its job?

Published: Thu, 01/25/24

Make your email automation actually work for you with a simple blueprint - Login Hi there friend, I was chatting with a friend about email welcome…

AAUGH! We Messed Up

Published: Thu, 01/18/24

Create a better performing lead magnet - Login Hi there friend, You ever have one of those Charlie Brown moments when you just want to scream…

3 email design tips you can try Right Now!

Published: Thu, 01/11/24

How color, type, and a simple logo can transform your email - Login Are you ready for Yahoo and Gmail's new sender requirements for better email…

Leading You To More Sign Ups

Published: Thu, 01/04/24

Create a better performing lead magnet - Login Gmail and Yahoo are putting protections in place to keep inbo es safer and less spammy. You will need…

What I learned from 2023

Published: Thu, 12/28/23

Lessons from writing this very newsletter. - Login Hi there friend, As the year draws to a close, I’m struck by how easy it is to just slip into…

2024 New Years Resolution for You

Published: Thu, 12/21/23

Ways to e pand your reach and grow your list - Login Hi there friend, The new year is upon us, I can’t believe we’re just over a week away from…

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