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Are You Growing or Rotting?

Published: Tue, 08/24/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hello, There is no weight so heavy as stagnancy. ― Ev Durán I personally believe that a lot of the unhappiness, depression,…

The Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

Published: Tue, 08/10/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi, One of the most frequent emails I get is from people asking why they can’t lose weight. Weight loss is a very comple…

Set Yourself Free With Self-Forgiveness

Published: Tue, 07/27/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi, Today is a new day and a new beginning. New beginnings start with forgiveness. One of the most powerful aspects of what…

Lack of Willpower Isn't the Problem

Published: Tue, 07/20/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hello, Many people believe that their food and weight issues are caused by a lack of willpower. This faulty belief leads to…

Have You Made The Scale Your Master?

Published: Tue, 07/13/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi ,Have you made the scale your master? Do you give it the power to judge your worth and if you should be happy or not? If…

Weight Loss for Extroverts

Published: Tue, 07/06/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi, “Why do e troverts have voicemail? To never miss a call. Why do introverts have voicemail? To never answer the phone.”…

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