If I had a magic wand...

Published: Thu, 05/14/20


..and could produce one thing that could help people reach their goals..it would be a magic pill that gave a glimpse of perfect health for a day.
The difference in mood, energy levels, strength and positivity I feel today compared to 10 or so years ago when my health was the other end of the scale is night and day

The struggle I had to even open my eyes some mornings was astronomical!

As it had all crept up on me over the previous 10 years or so I hadn't noticed it happening. 

I also fell into the trap of the 'It's just what happens as you age' mindset.

Crazy to think that I was only in my 20's.

I'm still way off where I want to be on my own journey..yet I'm surprised often on what my body can do with just a little bit more effort!

I'm often asked why I get up 4am nearly every day of the week, spend time reading theory books and listening to lectures most eves and how I seem to get more passionate about health and fitness day on day.

It is because I want everyone to be the best version of themselves they can be...however I need that passion to convince people of this fact at times! 

So, if I had a magic wand I would create a pill that if taken would give someone a 'glimpse' for a day of how they would feel if all the negative side effects of the choices they had made up until this point, were taken away. 
  • - fat mass down
  • - muscles mass up 
  • - injuries removed
  • - cognitive power maximised
  • - CV system efficient and ready to go at all times
  • - stress levels reduced and ability to deal with life's stressors improved 
  • - hormone levels balanced
  • - enhanced immune system
  • - lower sickness levels
  • - mobility to all joints maximised
  • - gut health restored
  • - skin and hair radiant 
  • - addictions removed
  • - negative habits banished
  • - negative self talk silenced

I'd be a millionaire right?

I remind myself every day of how I used to feel,  perform and act as a friend, partner, colleague or son

I couldn't show up as ME all the time as I had hurdles to overcome even before I left the house

One thing to ponder is that if we could give this pill to someone, and when it had worn off, would they actually make the change to put the work in to get to that place for real?

Would they want it enough?

Would they believe they even deserved it?

Would it be so alien that they couldn't even fathom getting there?

I believe, deep down that everyone can get to where they need to be. If I didn't I wouldn't do what I do.

No one should be alone in this journey, feel alone or be overwhelmed by all the mass of information and motivating, but not actually motivating, fitness noise! 

The truth is this magic pill DOES exist in one form...

Our bodies and minds adapt to everything and our natural systems are far more powerful than any pill we can create

Fitness will not come externally from a pill or potion, it will come from the resources inside that you ALREADY have!

EVERY course correction, small change in diet, opening of your mind to a small thing or every additional second of activity improved upon from what you have done so far is a tiny, yet vital, dose of this very pill.

Or, in other words, something I tell myself every day:

Your mind and body is a garden so everything we plant will grow...just be careful what you plant there

(Alwyn Cosgrove)


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