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Published: Fri, 05/15/20

Hi open mind! 

I heard Martin Rooney in an interview again today and had to share this really popular email again.

Fits nicely with a New Year looming...

To make any changes we have to be able to recognise and interupt detrimental patterns and cycles that are deep rooted in our subconscious. 

How can we improve ourselves in any way if we hold onto outdated beliefs, worries and behaviours that work against the results we want?

Personal Training is not all about asking clients to lift stuff and run about, it is mainly being there to guide a client as they change. We are 'Change Managers' who's sole purpose is to pattern interupt negative habits and guide towards more positive ones. A little secret here too...we get loads personally from it as well!

To rewire our subconscious, we need to become imaginative and think really deeply about the person we wish to become. Grab a piece of paper, and take 10 min out of your day to write down your answers to the following questions:
  • how does this person look?
  • how do they dress?
  • what makes them happy?
  • what do they like to do?
  • what makes them successful?
  • how often do they work out?
  • what do they eat?
  • and the best question of all..what does their day look like?
Are you ready to become that person?

If it's a 'hell yeah!' then you need to open yourself up to new experiences and above all take ACTION.

 Got some news for have that person inside. If you can imagine them, then you can BE them!

Use imagination to put yourself in that place. The more you visualise this person you wish to become the more you create new behaviours and thoughts that guide you in that direction. Napoleon Hill in his book 'Think and Grow Rich' talks in depth about how we can absolutely make things happen if we open ourselves up truely to believing we will get there. It is true and it works. 

Provenance favours ACTION takers.

Be mindful of every thought you have and take a detached view on it. Imagine you are watching yourself  from a distance as you act, speak and think at all times. If you are not behaving like the person you want to be, apply the breaks and start again.

Stay Improving,


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