A message from the future..

Published: Tue, 05/19/20


I've written about 'Future James' before.

He's the guy that pays off that impulse purchase, exercises off the Xmas excess and rehabs the chronic ankle pain that 'Current James' causes.

I think 'Future James' would have some stern words with 'Current James'

Taking this up a level, I often wonder what '90 Year Old James' would say to me today...

  • work less?
  • take more time to appreciate stuff?
  • be present more?
  • worry less?
  • exercise smarter?
  • hug more?
  • take time to tell people how much you appreciate them?
  • eat less sugar?
  • sleep more?
  • drive slower?
Would he be proud, be happy with my choices and be free from regrets?

It is easy to think we are bulletproof, and everything will be ok now...whilst our bodies and minds are working well.

However, adding in just a small bit of forward thinking to ensure we do something every day to keep us ticking over nicely:

Something for the mind
Something for the body
Something for our community

Keep that Future happy with your successes!

James Chandler
Personal Trainer
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