Drill into your WHY!

Published: Wed, 05/20/20


Finding your WHY is proven to drive you forward in your health and fitness goals.

A real WHY should make you cry.
Following a set of 5 questions of WHY's and a what at the end can really get to the bare bones of what will drive you forward on even those low energy days.

Think of your goal, either for this year or for life and then put it through this drill:

  1. Why do you want to reach this goal?
  2. Why is this?
  3. Why have you not done it yet?
  4. Why can't you start it now?
  5. What can you commit to do now?
Here is MY last one:

Goal: Increase our reach as a business

  1. to make sure that we have impacted as many lives as we can with what we have learnt.
  2. because it will be great to change the landscape of human health as much as we can before we 'shuffle off'
  3. there is so much conflicting noise out there in the fitness sphere how can we get heard?
  4. maybe I'm using the above as an excuse?
  5. I will!
See what happened?

I realised I was procrastinating.

These emails are where I came to and it has been so worth it seeing all the replies we get back (thank you!)

This is a business goal, If I did this for a health one it would lead me to the reason I look after my health and that is the two little whirlwinds that are currently flying about my feet!

It is imagining them having to say goodbye to either of us too early in life that gets us out the door and to the gym!

Be hard on yourself, never take no for an answer, better yet get a trusted friend who will tell you straight to run through this with you.

Emotions get results, dig deep!

Just got myself all fired up ;-)

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