Learn to reboot the software

Published: Thu, 05/21/20


Sometimes we need to learn how to learn again! I often get frustrated when I can't do a move first (anything balanced based I really struggle with!) and I see clients do the same. 

It's always good to remember the concept of training age. This is the time spent training yourself and can also be broken down into the moves e.g. You have been squatting for 3 weeks but deadlifting for a day.

Everything (and everyone) must start somewhere so be ready to make learning part of the journey and enjoy pushing your boundaries! 

Whether referring to a physical movement, practicing or starting a new habit, each repeated attempt means you create a better foundation. Deliberate practice is dynamite.

Your first attempts with anything new physically will need to start like this. Our brains create new neural networks with every attempt, seamlessly rejecting a wrong pattern and accepting a good one. Slight caveate however is you need to be conscious of what a good move feels like.

You will hear strength coaches/ PTs talk of 'form', this is the safest, most balanced and mechanically advantageous way to do a move. Getting coaching on good form is vital!

We've all probably seen the Four Stages of Competence:

I see this as happen in front of my eyes on a daily basis with my clients when learning a new move. It's probably the best part of the job ;-)

My role as a coach is to guide someone to the point where they progress through all four stages until they master the move almost without thinking. 

Then we add weights or resistance of some sort, where the process begins again as the load changes the dynamics and makes the move hard again. Every step we make our body gets stronger.

Really important points to remember:

- everyone must start somewhere so if you don't get a movement right, keep trying..and rest assured that each time gets closer to mastery
- we can improve balance considerably with practice
- you already have the hardware to move really well, it's maybe just the software that needs a reboot
- you need to make mistakes

Taking the time to learn movements to mastery in the beginning reaps massive rewards when you get strong..it's not a race!

Keep learning, 


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