Published: Fri, 05/22/20


Mechanotransduction is a relatively new theory.

It is the mechanism by which EVERY cell in our body responds to movement and loads resulting in an adaptation.

This adaptation can affect us:

  • Positively: loads applied in the correct manner such as lifting, fact any natural movement, creates a response in the cells affected such as more energy, better removal of waste products and increase in strength (as in muscle cells)


  • Negatively: unsupported loads, poor posture and incorrect movement patterns create adaptations that are detrimental. Sedentary lifestyles also reduce load, therefore the adaptation is to switch off development of the cells...why would the body use energy on what you aren't using?
It really is use it or lose it.

Still water often stagnates, running water keeps fresh.

It is the same in our bodies....we NEED to keep in flow 
When we move we stimulate our bodies to improve.

It doesn't have to be 'exercise'....we just need to move as much as possible.

Our circulation also needs movement to move nutrients in the blood to all of our cells.

The heart does the bulk of this, however it has to work really hard to supply a body that is not moving.

This is maybe the reason why bed sores occur and why someone bedbound needs manipulation?

Think through the movements you do across the day:
  • Could you do more?
  • Do you climb, walk, crawl, sit on the floor, squat, lunge enough?
  • What could you commit to adding to your movement for the day?
  • Everything you do across the day...think about how you can add different positions, movement patterns and more walking.
Compared to our pre-industrial ancestors we are very sedentary. Remember they didn't do the 'gym', go for a run or even lift weights.

Their bodies were a product of their lifestyle

Gathering food, building shelter, hunting prey and sitting/ squatting on the floor meant they moved 8+ hours of the day.

Not a chair in sight!

Thinking we need to go all out in the gym for an hour a day isn't necessarily the answer.

Of course exercise is important and the gym is a good place to do it, however it is movement across the whole day that keeps us growing.

  • walk
  • run
  • flap your arms about
  • wrestle with your kids
  • climb a tree
  • roll down a hill
'we don't stop moving because we get old...we get old because we STOP moving'

Move like you did as a child.

We all note how quickly they heal and bounce back from illness....maybe, just maybe this is down to the huge amount they move? 

Wait for the science to catch up with all this and read about it in the media in ten years ...or take a chance and get moving more now? 

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