When you don't think you have the time....

Published: Sun, 05/17/20


...it is really the energy we don't have!
What really stops us moving more, eating real food and being free?

Personally, whenever I really think that I don't have time to do something IMPORTANT, in hindsight I realise that I simply didn't have the mental or physical energy to do it!

What happens when we get tired?

We want the bed, sofa, TV and some form of comforting sedation such as chocolate (guilty!), wine, sugar etc.

So, how much TIME do we spend 'recuperating' when it is actually time spent 'recovering' from the excesses, poor nutrition choices and effects lack of activity we all succumb to from time to time?

As we all know, when we are on point with our health, recovery time is minimal and efficient as our bodies are highly effective at doing what it needs to do to repair and recover unhindered.

SO...we need less time recovering as a better return on our time...freeing up extra time and this gives us more time to get on it!
  • What could we do with that time if when we got to spend it we were pepped up, full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation?
  • What if when the kids are in bed or work day finished we have just enough energy and mental grit to get out the door and off to the gym or on a run or walk?
Our bodies are incredible, the more work we make them do the more improvements they develop in return, with adequate rest of course.
  • A joint will move better when we keep it mobile and strengthen the muscles round it, this makes moving it use LESS energy
  • Our CV system gets more efficient and effective with consistent use and challenging effort
  • Our mood improves with exercise
  • Our muscles begin to CRAVE work when we get them working often
Thinking through the above, notice how we could position this to almost use our bodies as the main catalyst to get us out and doing something?

I have one rule that I find works when followed is a game changer:

'dont go more than two days without doing some kind of physical activity'

Simple, yes, easy, no...at least until it becomes a habit.

Our bodies will reduce the energy available the less we use them..it is a tough fact that is the backbone of many failed fitness journeys.

Our bodies will INCREASE the energy available the more we use them...it is the backbone of every fitness journey SUCCESS!

Next time you need that boost to get out and do some activity or grab the healthy snack instead of the chocolate bar....remind yourself that the HARDER you have to work this time around the better you get at doing it the next time...

Adaptation is powerful and it is there for YOU to harness...

James Chandler
Personal Trainer
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