A barbell can fix anything!

Published: Mon, 05/18/20


Well not everything, but it got you to open the email didn't it? ;-)

That said, I'm only half joking when I say to my clients that pretty much anything can be 'fixed' with a good session on the weights.

There actually is a really definite difference between entry and exit from a sesson that I feel in myself.....and see many times a day with my clients!

Check out the weightlifting pros at the next olympics..

These guys are at the peak of their sport and are strong, BUT it goes deeper than that:

Watch how they walk to the podium, the confidence and power they allude is not all bravado and the mental game they are playing.

They look confident and powerful because they ARE powerful. 

We are primed as a hunter species to spot strength...the strong animals are to be avoided!

We are primed as a social species to spot strength in our own kind. Either as a threat in possible rivals, however more frequently as a strong friend that will be useful in our tribe.

You can bet on your life that ALL your ancestors were the fittest and strongest...otherwise you wouldn't be here

So, how about harnessing that legacy in your genes and taking that amazing, adaptive body for a test drive?

Often the aches, pains and niggles we feel are from a LACK of activity, imbalance of muscle tone or diminished mobility.

Or in other words, use it or lose it!

A challenging work out balances our mood, regulates blood sugar levels, helps us sleep and wakes up our muscles. 

Also, after a tough day of stressors that we can't fight or scarper from...our physiology demands some sort of release or challenge to clear this imbalance.

  • Had an argument which was resolved quickly after a work out?
  • Had tough feedback that you can respond and absorb constructively after a quick lift of the barbell?
  • Had road rage that kept you angry for hours until you got out for a walk which left you seeing it as a minor mishap?
Whatever your experience level in the gym, just add a little tiny workout of some sort every time you get that stressful, anxious or grumpy mood. 

I've never had anyone come back and say this doesn't work.

It is how we are made up through evolution.

Brain frazzled     =    body needs to do work!

It will repay you in so many ways that your only regret is that you didn't try it earlier!

James Chandler
Personal Trainer
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