What stops us exercising?

Published: Tue, 05/26/20


The answer I invariably get is...TIME!

I get it, life is crazy busy for us all. 

However, I'm pretty sure all of us could find 10-30 minutes a day to do something?

Maybe coming at this from another angle is what we need?

It is more a lack of ENERGY that we really battle with?

Finally getting into the gym where we find we have nothing to give is like getting into a car and finding the tank is empty.

Having energy to spring up and do a work out when we do get that time window is an absolute game changer.

So....what can we do to increase our energy levels?'

Building a good lifestyle where we keep mobile, eat right, sleep well and minimise stress by its very nature creates energy and clarity of mind.

It puts a spring in your step!

Some examples:
  • sleep better
  • get up earlier
  • drink more water
  • stretch and mobilise daily
  • ensure as many calories you consume every day as possible are good quality
  • eat more (yes this is true..just make it real food!)
  • start your day on your terms..get your 'must do' list done before everything else. Free mind=get stuff done quicker
  • exercise: the more you move the more energy you get. Energy is not finite..get your share!
  • outsource tasks that don't need you but sap brainpower e.g. Admin, accounts, ironing!
One last thing to note, are you using your time well?

Try stopping EVERY 45 min and write down what you spent that last 45min doing.

It really takes some effort to do, however it is astounding how much insight you get on what you are doing and what value it is adding to your day.

Can you start with finding 10 min today to put some time to working on your energy levels?


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Personal Trainer
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