Every one with a body is an athlete (yes that means you!)

Published: Sat, 05/23/20


Yes..I'm sure that subject line got lots of 'yeah right' and 'I knew this man was crazy' ;-)

I stand by what I say though. The many people I've trained have convinced me week on week that inside everyone is an athletic giant waiting for his/her chance come forward.


a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

Whether it is walking, running, climbing, crawling...anything you do requiring some effort IS a physical activity!
  • I've watched a woman deadlift their body weight off the floor and stand up after with the look of pride on their face that makes all the 'gym guys' around stop and give a round of applause. Two months earlier she had been laughing at me when I was suggesting that one day she would love the Barbell!
  • I've been in tears with a Father who managed to give his kids a piggyback ride for the first time despite the docs telling him he should life nothing more than 10kg for the rest of his life.

Strong men lift heavy stuff but can't run for toffee...

Marathon runners can run for toffee but can't lift heavy stuff...

Work to find what you would really like to be proficient in.

Remember physical exercise doesn't need to be full on blood, sweat and tears.

Your inner althete is totally aligned to what your strengths are and what you enjoy doing. We can't be good at everything. This also changes as we move from decade to decade. 

'A kick ass half is better than a half assed whole'

Give yourself permission to try different things, absorb what you are strong at and reject what doesn't work for you,


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