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Published: Wed, 05/13/20

Hi Mechanotransduction is a relatively new theory.It is the mechanism by which EVERY cell in our body responds to movement and loads resulting in an…

Do your job and do it well..

Published: Mon, 05/11/20

Hi We've all had many jobs across the years. I was recently giving a presentation to a group of apprentices and new starters on my career path and…

Mental you burn too much?

Published: Sun, 05/10/20

Hi When we do an e ercise we use a certain amount of energy.Our muscles use some, to move our bones needs energy. Some stabilise us, and use energy…

School of hard knocks?

Published: Sat, 05/09/20

Hi We learnt lots at school didn't we? When we think back, were the lessons we remember from a te t book or from e periences?Who were your best…

Are all 15 Trillion of 'you' evolving?

Published: Fri, 05/08/20

Hi 'It is NOT the load that you carry that weighs you down, its the WAY that you carry it'The above quote from the ground breaking book 'Move Your…

Want entertaining...or want results?

Published: Thu, 05/07/20

Hi 'Not one Olympic athlete has got to the games after being entertained for four years, ever. They get there by consistent, repetitive, progressive…

The power of a positive inner voice..

Published: Tue, 05/05/20

Hi 'What you say to your children becomes their inner voice'Came across this quote from a parental website, however we like to tweak this slightly for…


Published: Sun, 05/03/20

Hi A few years ago I was doing some training in a Kettlebell class with 10 or so other trainers.To some of our groups surprise the first 30 min was…

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