experiments - how they all began

Published: Sun, 03/20/16

Hey, so in this email I will tell you how and why I started doing 30-day experiments.

It was Sunday morning and I had woken up early to read another self-development book.

As I came closer to finishing the book my face went from :D to :|

Each book left me frustrated & angry…

To date, I had read about 50+ personal development books to try to find answers to improve my life.

All of these books were selling me cheap “get rich quick” tactics and NOT a system to success

I don’t blame them as no one will by a book that says “Work and Grow Rich Over 10 Years” they would rather buy “Think and Grow Rich” and just end up worse off than before. 

So, I trashed personal-development books and started reading autobiographies of successful peopletheir daily journals, and study their habits…..

Then things started to make sense – all of them had one thing in common….

Constant and Never Ending Improvement through daily habits and experiments.

(now that is something personal development books won't tell you because then you will stop buying their books .... just like I did!) 

I realized that success is an iceberg, everyone talks about the OUTCOME and forgets about the HABITS....
Truth about Success
That was in 2012, ever since I have been doing 30-day experiments according to 100s of successful people I have studied.

p.s: In the next email, I will show you how to pick experiments for yourself!

Until next time, 

Jawwad Siddiqui