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😠🍅No! Not again!

Published: Mon, 06/17/24

Updated: Tue, 06/18/24

It looks like this will be the second summer in a row... I’m so frustrated right now, my friends. Our garden has been coming along great, even with…

👔Happy Father's Day from Rural Sprout!🌱

Published: Sun, 06/16/24

Updated: Tue, 06/18/24

Kittens and Father's Day have a lot in common. Happy Father’s Day, Rural Sprout Readers, A quick note before we dive in. As a writer, I’ve always…

🍓Strawberry season is here! Make this tasty

Published: Wed, 06/12/24

Updated: Tue, 06/18/24

Eat, grow or preserve - all things strawberry! It's What's Up Wednesday! It’s strawberry season! And according to my local U-pick fruit farm, it’s a…

🪲Stop bugging me!

Published: Wed, 06/05/24

Updated: Mon, 06/10/24

Pesky pests are starting early this year It's What's Up Wednesday! The pests are at it early this year! I've got fourlined plant bugs (what a name!)…

☀️It's the circle of life...

Published: Sun, 06/02/24

Updated: Wed, 06/05/24

But there's nothing very Disney about it. Greetings, Rural Sprout readers, It’s been a week of ups and downs in my neck of the woods. We got the…

Squash, squash and more squash!

Published: Wed, 05/29/24

Updated: Mon, 06/03/24

What kind of squash are you growing this year? It's What's Up Wednesday! This Wednesday we're featuring squash. Whether you love growing pumpkins or…

🙅‍♀️No more guilty gardening!

Published: Sun, 05/26/24

Updated: Wed, 05/29/24

Enough beating ourselves up if we don't... Hello, Rural Sprout readers, For those of us in the States, it’s Memorial Day weekend, a weekend in which…

🥧Mom's rhubarb custard pie & other treats

Published: Wed, 05/22/24

Updated: Mon, 05/27/24

Are you growing rhubarb? Would you like to? It's What's Up Wednesday! It’s Wednesday, and all I can think about is rhubarb. Rhubarb pie, to be more…

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