Are You Wealthy Enough?

Published: Thu, 05/12/22

Unless you are living under a rock and you do not eat, you probably have noticed the constantly increasing cost of living, at least at the grocery store if nothing else.

More and more "experts" are also warning of an imminent "recession" and / or a possible "depression".  According to the "Fourth Turning" book which Tim and I discussed in our "Ayurveda For Generational Health" message, these warnings may not be too far fetched.

Having said that, there are apparently a lot of things you can do to not only survive during the upcoming interesting times but also thrive. 
All you have to do is go on YouTube.  YouTube gurus are full of advice on how to thrive during the approaching doom and gloom. 

Sarcasm Vie?  Yes.  And did you know that according to Oscar Wilde, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.  :-)

But I digress.  What many of those "YouTube gurus" forget to tell you is that the first and foremost of your assets during challenging times is your health.  You cannot thrive without your health.

Roman poet Virgil said - the greatest wealth is health.  Ancient Greek anatomist Herophilus said - when health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.

Are you doing enough to not only maintain but continue to enhance your health?  According to Ayurveda you have the potential to keep enhancing your health, as long as you do what it takes.

One of the simplest practices for great overall health is body-weight training on a daily basis. The 3-min video below shows Squats and Pushups | The Ten Stones™ Series, one of the most effective Ayurvedic fitness workouts ever.

Ayurvedic Fitness | Squats and Pushups | The Ten Stones™ Series Video

As your performance diagnostics you can use the type of squats you are able to do, the type of pushups you are able to do and the number of stones you are able to complete.

Tim is showing you all different variations and you will also find all the instructions in the video notes.  Please, make sure you go through them first.  Should you have any questions about anything, just reply to this email.

As always, please do not do anything that hurts, anything a medical professional has told you not to do and always use common sense when working out.

Until next time...   Stay healthy, wealthy and wises!
Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie | Ayurveda Outlaws