Are You Prepared?

Published: Thu, 09/02/21

Hi Every One,

It's almost an irony that September is declared a National Preparedness month when hurricane Ida has already caused severe power outages, flash floods and home and vehicle damage throughout the country.

If you look up prepping or preparedness on YouTube you are going to eventually find a lot of great information.  The key word is eventually.  The reason we use that word is that chances are high that you will feel overwhelmed and give up without gaining any valuable input.  Most of the modern prepping community mainly talks about the end of the world through an apocalypse. 

Tim and I consider prepping to be a little different given that neither of us wants to live through the end of the world. :-)

We prepare for things that are more likely to occur and quite a few of them we have already lived through.  Think hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and civil unrest (yes, I grew up in Greece and lived through dictatorship and socialism/communism).  The key point to always remember is that no matter how prepared you are these things can still happen.  We are not talking about prevention of natural disaster or civil unrest.  What we are talking about is prevention of you becoming a victim during a natural disaster or civil unrest.

One of the mantra's of Ayurveda is to "always be prepared to adapt".  Ayurveda says that you should always observe (using your situational awareness skills) and act accordingly.  However, you cannot be a good observer, if you are worried, if you cannot think clearly, if you are overwhelmed by the situation.

If you have to run to the grocery store, if you have to go fill up with gas, if you have to rush to the emergency room, if you have to call 911, you are adding extra strain on an infrastructure that is already overloaded and you are also making yourself vulnerable by exposing yourself to a situation that is already overextended.

If however you have already taken care of certain aspects of every day life you can maintain your peace of mind, observe and act accordingly offering invaluable help to your family, friends and greater community.

So yes, we are preppers, ayurvedic preppers that is. :-)  In fact, Tim is starting an awesome series of new YouTube videos on Ayurvedic Prepper Gear.  And as we already said, it does not have anything to do with the apocalypse.  It's all about common sense stuff that can help you maintain peace of mind when the infrastructure you are accustomed to is being taxed.  The first one was released earlier today, and you can find it here.

During these videos he will be breaking down some of the things he already talked about during the podcast series on Ayurvedic Prepping that we did a while ago.  He will also be including some new tips that he has learned along the way.

Having said all that, did you know that the world is actually becoming a better place? :-)  If you are not convinced, read this fascinating book 10 Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know - And Many Others You Will Find Interesting

Na’maste Kala! (Which in Greek means, may we all be well!)

-Tim and Vie