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False accusations can cost you deals

Published: Wed, 02/21/24

PLUS: 10 things to consider about being the first sales hire at a startup February 21, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH It’s another short week in the sales…

My manager is prying into my personal life

Published: Wed, 02/14/24

PLUS: The history of real estate agents February 14, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Happy Valentine’s Day! As couples everywhere share their admiration…

Oracle: an Ivy League education in sales

Published: Wed, 02/07/24

PLUS: When emoji use goes terribly wrong February 7, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH February, the month when everybody actually gets back to work after…

When your manager asks you to lie

Published: Wed, 01/31/24

PLUS: When to use emotion to make a sale, and when to use straight facts January 31, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Welcome back to The Quota, the only…

The salesman who had a scheme named after him

Published: Wed, 01/24/24

PLUS: More big tech layoffs January 24, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Good morning. This is the last newsletter of January — actually, wait… it’s not.

Sales tips from a FBI hostage negotiator

Published: Wed, 01/17/24

PLUS: What to do when you can't stand one of your sales reps January 17, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Welcome back. Here are the winners of our end of…

The 2024 Sales Salary Guide

Published: Wed, 01/10/24

PLUS: When your coworkers literally fight over a deal January 10, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Good morning. Over twenty percent of the country is…

What it’s like to be a sales rep in Japan

Published: Wed, 01/03/24

PLUS: Advice for a rep who loves the money, but not the work January 3, 2024 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed the time off…

The end of cushy tech sales jobs

Published: Wed, 12/20/23

PLUS: When selling to a friend goes horribly wrong December 20, 2023 Sign Up Welcome back to The Quota. Just a heads up: we’ll be taking ne t week off…

Help! My coworkers are "sales bros"

Published: Wed, 12/13/23

PLUS: The story of legendary pitchman Billy Mays December 13, 2023 Sign Up TOGETHER WITH You’re probably spending this month’s commission check on…

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