Food Storage Made Easy

26 Checklists to walk you through building your food storage in one year.

🎁 Preparedness Neighbor Gift Ideas 🎁

Published: Thu, 12/10/20

Share the gift of preparedness this year! In these crazy times a lot of people are looking to give the gift of preparedness for Christmas this year.

Cyber Monday FLASH SALE on food packs

Published: Mon, 11/30/20

Enjoy today's deals! Thrive Life is having a Cyber Monday FLASH SALE today only on these two packages full of customer favorites. Save 30% off of…

⚡Black Friday Food Storage Sales! ⚡

Published: Fri, 11/20/20

Find out what's on sale for this year's Black Friday bonanza! November is the best time of year for stocking up on food storage and preparedness…

Can you answer this question?

Published: Sat, 10/31/20

Check out this question from a member of our facebook community. Happy Halloween! What a strange season to be having a holiday and it's probably just…

7 Day Cooking Challenge - Are YOU Ready?

Published: Sat, 08/29/20

Hey there! Can you believe it is almost SEPTEMBER? 2020 has definitely been a year like no other for me. Starting off with a pandemic, then getting…

Quarantine Cookbook and a $10 Coupon

Published: Thu, 07/30/20

Hey there! With all of the craziness still going on in the world I wanted to embark on a fun project with the Food Storage Made Easy community. When…

COVID-19, Earthquakes, and Engagements OH MY!

Published: Thu, 03/19/20

Hey there! Have you been feeling like you need a bumper sticker that says "I survived March of 2020"? I definitely would buy one! In the midst of the…

Did you win the food storage shelf???

Published: Thu, 01/30/20

Hi friend! Last week I sent out an email announcing that I was holding a giveaway in my Food Storage and Preparedness Facebook group. The prize was a…

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