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No Fault Divorce

Published: Wed, 08/04/21

No Fault Divorce When we opened our offices 45 years ago in 1976 the only way to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania was to prove that you were entitled…

First Amendment to the Constitution

Published: Tue, 07/27/21

First Amendment to the Constitution Most recently the Media has discussed, in great detail, the First Amendment to the Constitution. We thought it…

Experience Matters

Published: Mon, 07/12/21

E perience Matters You and your spouse have come to the place where all you can agree on is that the marriage is over. No need to lay blame, and you…

Gun Violence

Published: Fri, 06/04/21

Gun Violence When will it end? When Joe Biden e pressed in his address in April that he wanted to enforce gun control, it was with good reason. Gun…

Stress on Children During a Divorce

Published: Thu, 04/15/21

Stress on Children During a Divorce Divorce is very stressful for anyone—add in a pandemic: stress increases immensely. We tend to overlook signs of…

Should you buy a home now?

Published: Thu, 03/04/21

Should You Buy A Home Now? The Pandemic has caused us all chaos and uncertainty. Our first instinct would probably be to stay put and stay the course.

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