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Published: Thu, 06/28/12


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Hello !
Here's an insider Tech Tip just for subscribers:
Did you know that you can use solid brass plumbers chain to make fusible loops?  This is a huge time saver for windchimes, saving you all that time drilling holes!

1.  Find brass chain.  Make sure that you buy solid brass, not brass plated steel.
2.  Open the links and separate from the rest of the chain:
3.  Clip the loops off of the link:
4.  Glue between stacked pieces of glass:
5.  Fused and ready to hang!
On the blog:

   April, May AND June's free kiln carving patterns are now available for download.  

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully one of these will inspire you to fire!  And, if it does, do let me know.

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