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Published: Thu, 06/04/15

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How to make drilling holes in glass a whole (ha!) lot easier.

I've been playing a lot with bead release lately as I'm figuring out the best formula for kiln formed beads.  I noticed that the bead release is much stronger after firing than both plaster or kiln wash, so I tried an experiment.

After kilnwashing my moon face mold, I used a chopstick and put a drop of bead release on the mold where I planned to drill a hole later.

Then fused a bottle bottom on the mold:

Moon Mold with a bottle bottom

When I took it out of the kiln, this is what I ended up with:
Fused moon mold with a pilot hole

The glass fused around the bead release dot and created a hole about half way through the glass.  This pilot hole decreases drilling time by about half, AND helps keep my diamond bit from skipping around on the glass.  And even better, the glass doesn't stick to the bead release so the pilot hole is clean.

And in other exciting news, you can use this same trick with any of the new bottle bottom fusing molds that we finished making this week.  To celebrate, mold orders have flat $5.95 priority mail shipping for the entire order.  (some restrictions apply, check out the product listings for details.)

Flower bottle bottom mold
Flower bottle bottom mold - $15.00

Heart Bottle Bottom Mold - $15.00

Rocket Bottle Bottom Mold
Rocket Bottle Bottom Mold - $15.00

Leaf Bottle Bottom Mold
Leaf Bottle Bottom Mold - $19.00

Dragonfly bottle bottom mold

Dragonfly Bottle Bottom Mold - $15.00
Thanks for reading, and, as always, let me know if you have questions, I'm happy to help! 

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