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Published: Wed, 05/09/18


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  May 9, 2018

 Cayenne to the Rescue- A Personal Experience  Brendan Riordan, Family Herbalist

Part I of a two-part series

When I took the “Family Herbalist” course, through the School of Natural Healing, this past spring I did not know that I would be pressed into service so soon, and outside of my own family. I knew that cayenne pepper had worked for me, having used it for many years in capsule form as an immune booster to ward off colds. I’d take two 450 mg. capsules at night, before bed, at the onset of a cold, which was usually enough to give my immune system cause to chase the invaders away.
As an immune booster, cayenne is known to increase circulation and to help boost metabolism. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese and flavonoids –making it a powerful antioxidant. It has been used for centuries for colds and flu.

Dr Christopher recommended that cayenne be taken as a daily supplement to increase circulation, equalize blood pressure and cut the mucus in the venous system.
Migraine Crusher:  Next, while searching the internet for a migraine cure for my wife, I stumbled upon an article claiming cayenne pepper as a curative for migraines. The author, Glen Resche of took Dr. John Christopher’s teaching about cayenne’s ability to equalize blood pressure and applied it as a help with migraine sufferers. He reasoned that cayenne’s blood pressure equalizing properties would relieve pressure to the head area as well as help with blood circulation.

In his article Resche states, “When my relative told me that her doctor said the main cause as far as they can tell is that migraines are caused by a constriction of the blood vessels in the head, my ears perked up. One of the chief claims of cayenne pepper is that it immediately equalizes blood pressure throughout the body. As written elsewhere in this site, famed herbalist and naturopathic doctor Dr. John R. Christopher said he stopped many a heart attack victim if he could simply get a teaspoon of cayenne pepper tea in them. Once the heart attack was stopped, he had them drink a full glass or cup of cayenne pepper tea. (Drinking an eight ounce glass of warm cayenne pepper water is what Dr. Christopher termed "cayenne pepper tea.") Cayenne pepper will equalize the blood pressure and thus relieve pressure in the head region. That is why my loving relative has had some tangible success with cayenne. Quite frankly, I knew cayenne was great for your heart and venous structure and in immediately stopping bleeding but not migraines."

It took a little while for my wife Dawn to build up a tolerance for heat, never having much of a palate for spicy food. To her credit, Dawn stuck with it, also learning that cayenne is a good digestive aide. Dawn started with one or two drops of cayenne tincture (90,000 H.U.) in a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey, working up to a full dropper, three times a day. Wanting to save money, I ordered the more potent, “Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne” which is (200 ,000 H.U.). Seven drops of “Hot Cayenne”, three times per day are presently doing the job. My wife is almost completely migraine free. As per this writing, Dawn is traveling, and she is traveling with the “Hot Cayenne,” not wanting to leave home without it.

Brendan Riordan is a Family Herbalist working his way towards a Master Herbalist degree. He, his wife and three children run a small organic vegetable farm in Diamond Point NY. Brendan is a holistic health coach, minister, and organic vegetable growing consultant. He publishes a health blog called Body, Mind, Holy Spirit at Brendan can be reached at:  and is available for in person, electronic, or by phone consultations.

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Brendan's Cayenne Pepper Tincture Recipe

1. Choose good, organic hot cayenne pepper seeds. I used Ring O Fire from High Mowing Seeds.
2. Start seeds indoors in seed plug trays – six to eight weeks before last frost date.
3. Choose a sunny garden location. Hot peppers grow in a wide range of soils.
4. Plant in the garden two weeks after last frost date. Pepper plants do not tolerate frost.
5.  Plant the pepper plants closely 8” apart – three rows deep, also 8” apart.
6.  Do not over fertilize – best to use organic compost or organic fertilizer. Pepper plants like a little Epsom salt when in flowering stage (about a table spoon once or twice around base of plant during flowering)
7. Harvest peppers when red.
8. Wash and dry peppers.
9. Cut stems off peppers and place them vertically in a canning jar, leaving two inches of head room. (we used fresh cayenne peppers- dried work as well.)
10.  Pour one hundred proof non – non-GMO grain alcohol over fresh Cayenne peppers covering them two inches over the top of peppers. (I used Svedka 100 proof Vodka as it is non- GMO grain alcohol.)
11. Cover jar with lid.
12. Place jar in dark cool place for 4-6 weeks.
13. Turn jar every few days.
14. After 4-6 weeks, strain the tincture liquid from the Cayenne peppers.
15. Bottle the liquid. We used several large 16 oz. amber medicine bottles and then made multiple 1 oz. amber medicine bottles for gifts to friends and family.  Store bottles in a cool and dry place.  They should last several years.

Recipe by Brendan Riordan
* Email me with any questions. [email protected]

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