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Published: Thu, 10/08/20


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 October 8, 2020

Presidential Covid Treatment  David Christopher, M.H.

I am sure we all wish our president good health and a speedy recovery. Any person who wishes death on another human being needs to check their humanity status.

President Trump was prescribed Vitamin D and Zinc, by his doctors, which are used to activate NK T cells and enable them to transcribe DNA inside cells. These products are available to everyone in the world in many foods. Pumpkin seeds and cayenne provide Zinc. Vitamin D is available from fish, seaweed and mushrooms. Exceptionally, Vitamin D is also available from the sun for free.

POTUS also received a trial drug being tested in England, not available to us common people, that provides monoclonal antibodies specific to COVID2.  This drug reminds me of the old Gamma-globulin shots that people received in their gluteus-maximus, except this one is very specific and made from clones.

The President was given Dexamethasone (a steroid) which might account for his feeling great. That is what steroids do.

I believe he was given this next drug for political purposes to appease the press and Dr. Fauci (who has investment interests). That drug is Remdesivir, a pricey drug that has only completed ordinal studies. Ordinal Studies are studies in patients are asked how they feel after treatments.

That is all he was reported to have taken for the virus. Other complementary care includes melatonin, an HCL inhibitor, and a baby aspirin. Melatonin helps a person sleep and hopefully counters the steroids.  

He received oxygen, maybe to counter the CO2 buildup from wearing a mask.

All in all, I think his care was ok and he should recover fine. Despite being 73 years old and obviously a big man he survived. I am thankful he was given oxygen and not put on a ventilator. 80% of Covid patients put on a ventilator die. I rest assured knowing “the science” that in his age group 94% recover fully and only .05% die (as per CDC stats). Also remember he does not smoke nor drink alcohol.

I believe better care would have included elderberry extract, echinacea root extract, turkey tail, mushrooms, Immune System formula, fresh air and plenty of sunshine for his immune system. Licorice root extract instead of the steroids and fresh raw juices instead of hospital food.

The only cure to prevent viral infections is your own, healthy immune system.

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also cohosts the popular radio show "A Healthier You" and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.

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Pan Seared Salmon With Sauteed Mushrooms

5 salmon filets (4-ounce filets each)
2 T. coconut oil 
1 T. salt (I chose pink Himalayan salt)
16 ounces portobello mushrooms 
1 t fresh minced garlic
1 t fresh minced rosemary leaves or 1 tsp dried

Thaw out or use fresh wild caught salmon. Preheat the skillet at a medium high heat. Salt each filet, covering evenly. Add 1 T. of coconut oil to the pan, then place the salmon filets skin side up on a hot skillet on medium high heat. Cook for 4-5 minutes and then flip to skin side down for another 4-5 minutes. 
Remove from heat.

Place 1 T. of coconut oil on the skillet. Add 16 ounces of portobello mushrooms and sauté for 6-8 minutes on medium high heat. Turn off the heat and add 1 t. fresh minced garlic and Rosemary to the mushrooms, and 1 t. of balsamic vinegar. Mix and take off the heat. 

Lay these two preparations onto individual plates with a side salad of kale or another green, and a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

This is a savory delicious meal that supports the uptake of vitamin D and herbs to strengthen and support the immune system. 

Recipe by Kelly Pomeroy
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