Complications From Covid-19 References

Published: Wed, 08/04/21


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 August 4, 2021

Complications From Covid-19 (references)  David Christopher, M.H.

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I have also had numerous questions relating to the platelet aggravation side effects of the Covid “vaccines.”  This side effect has manifested brain bleeding, cardiovascular issues, and even ovarian and testicular complications. These, so called, vaccines are so new that no one is sure what causes the side effects and deaths (1,148 myocarditis, pericarditis/all covid vaccine deaths >6,000, as reported thru VAERS).
One caution, cows that consume large amounts of pine needles abort their calves. So, if you are pregnant maybe you shouldn’t consume large quantities of pine needle tea, and definitely think long and hard about taking an experimental vaccine that has already caused countless miscarriages. The New England Journal of Medicine reported a study showing a 12.6% miscarriage rate for women vaccinated in their first trimester. Note: both the CDC and FDA have expressed that only 1% of adverse events to vaccines are reported through VAERS.